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Improve Overhead Press


What is the fastest way to improve the overhead press with three sessions a week avalible? I am currently thinking of using handstand push-ups, push-presses, and dumbbell presses with overhead walks thrown in.


CT wrote up something on this in one of his past Primetime's. It was like OH pressing 3x a week. I have it written down somewhere I can't be exact but off the top of my head it was something like this::

Day 1::

Triple menace press
(meaning strict OH press for a heavy triple, push press to a heavy triple, push jerk to heavy triple)

Seated Dumbbell OH Press 5x10

Day 2::

Strict OH press (med. intensity) 5x5
Snatch Grip Press 3x4-6
Reverse grip Military Press 3x12

Day 3::

Seated OH Press 10x1
--(barbell with your 3r max from day 1 in the strict press)

OH Support in Rack 5x10-15seconds

If I were you i'd add in handstand pushups on paralletes somewhere.


Pretty close Xen, but on the triple menace press you do sets of 5's, and that is it for that day. I think that CT posted the workout on 8/14.
Good luck


Thanks will!