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Improve my 3 day split



I want to try the following split : Chest/back, Legs, Shoulders/arms
First of all, can I train 2days on 1 off with this split ? I see some problems when I'Ve trained arms and the following day would be chest/back.
secondly, is the choose of exercises ok ?

barbell bench press 3x8
incline bench press 3x8
barbell rows 3x8
latpulldown 3x10
calves 3x12

Front Squats 3x8
Leg press 3x10
RDL 3x8
Leg curls 3x10

Military Press 3x8
lateral raises 2x8
reverse flies 2x8
preacher curls 3x10
tricep extension 3x10

Any ideas what I could do better ?


I don't know if you were planning on doing the exercises in that order you have listed but I would stagger them.

Chest exercise #1
back exercise #1
chest exercise #2
back exercise #2



You'll stay more fresh and be able to handle more weight with less total rest.
I've done that split before - I enjoyed it.


the concept of training antagonistic muscle groups is a good one ^^


but sets,reps and choose of exerises are fine ?


Uh.. not a huge fan of your rep scheme, unless you plan on doing warm up sets for each exercise.

as well as maybe on leg day, consider doing unilateral work (one legged). Like on extensions and/or curls, lower the weight and use one leg.


normally I warm up on the big compound movements ( for example bench and rows ) and incline , pulldowns I don't.
What exactly is wrong with the rep scheme ? :slight_smile:


I'd only consider unilateral exercises for compound work or unless you have light machines that you've maxed out.
The stabilising muscles that some people may need to improve, won't do much work on extensions and curls.