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Improve Gripping Strength After Stroke

Years ago I had a stroke. Left side was paralysed. Through treatment and physiotherapy I regained function. But I still can’t really flex the muscles on my left side and have low control.
Although I can still train relatively heavy in compound lifts but the weight “slips” from left hand’s grasp especially while using overhand grip < deadlifts, lat pulldowns etc). Apart from lifting straps how can I improve my grip naturally and overall muscle control…
Any suggestions would be helpful

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Sorry about the stroke. To improve grip strength for wrestling we used a bucket of sand. Just google that for different drills to build your hands/wrists up. Also anything from ironmind should help with the muscles and atrophy. They sell dozens of grip products.

I dunno anything about strokes/nerves etc… But good luck.

hammer curls with fat gripz
Great tips here also…