Improve a Muscle During Fat Loss Phase

I coach, despite of not being the optimous option, do you think it’s possible yo improve a muscle (shoulders) during a fat loss phase?
Maybe using a specialization 3 days per week and the others muscle at maintenence?
Or the spec muscle won’t grow and the other may worsen?

If you do a specialization IN WHICH YOU SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE WORK FOR THE REST OF THE BODY, yes it is possible. Maybe not huge changes, but you can see some improvements

Thanks, I was thinking of doing this spec yo posted

DAY 1 - Back / Biceps
DAY 2 - Shoulders heavier (presses) / Chest (minimal)/ Triceps
DAY 4 - Shoulder pump work (Growth Factor Training)
DAY 5 - Legs
DAY 6 - Shoulders pump work (width exercises)

I was scared of losing muscle in the chest with that little volume (1 Press 1 accesory in day 2)

If you take those chest exercises to the limit (muscle failure and even beyond) you will be fine. You can add a chest exercise on day 6 two.

Thanks coach! I will start next week.