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Improper Usage in Gym is a Nuisance


Ok let me begin by saying I'm one to rarely complain, but I'm finding more and more people in the last three gyms I've atteneded to use weight equipment for exercises other than their intents and purposes. Alright so example...always I mean always, I will find people occupying the squat rack who are doing something other than squats( I could understand deadlifts), but curls?...arm curls cmon man, wasting precious space.

Example 2... 2 guys today were using the bench press bars to do curls and standing over top the bench. I really hate sounding like a complainer, but I mean cmon, if you're not gonna bench or squat, then use something else. Alright well that's all I got for right now...I'll probably be back.


when it's not busy I use the Bench Racks for bent over rows and the Power Rack for Overhead presses. Am I wasting precious space?


yes? i guess if someone who needs to use the bench to do curls. no? if your the only one using the free weights. personally i've giving up on gym fees. bought my own home gym just so i didn't have to put up with this crap. so now i have no waiting for punks and pukes. AND I CAN USE CHAULK AND SWEAT MY BALLS ALL OVER MY BENCH.


I assume that they were using equipment that you needed to use right at that moment? I find it easier to go ask if I can work in or how many sets they have left if I need to use the equipment instead of complaining on the internet. If you don't need to use said equipment, who cares and quit whining.


You pretty much said it all.

Stop worrying about what everyone else does, dude.


Yup... I can't even begin to explain how much better it is not not give a fuck about other people, especially those NOT making progress.


It's much better to use one of our 6 benches to curl, than 1 of our 2 squat racks to curl.

Besides, I curl on Fridays, no one does chest on Fridays, it's a man law or something I think to do it on Mondays

oh, and this thread has never come up before, thanks


I have a decline bench and a flat bench and a squat rack at my gym. No barbells except the ones that sit on those racks. Ill use them in that order if I need to do curls or whatever. If both the first 2 are taken and there's nobody on the squat rack then I'm using the squat rack motherfucker and unless you're going to remove me from it (corporate fitness gym, like that's going to happen) then fall the fuck back and wait your turn.



Reading that thread really makes me appreciate my gym.


So is complaining about people curling in the squat rack the new hip way to introduce yourself?


I had a first the other day. I was waiting for a squat rack, but was second in line. Lo and behold the kid in front of me gets on there and starts doing curls with the empty bar. Im like WTF? Why not go use one of the 20-something bars that are made for curling.

EDIT: Another one that really gets me is cell phones. I just love the guy on the bench press that will do 5 half assed crappy reps and then talk on his cell phone for 5-10 minutes before doing another set.

I have found though that best thing to do is stand right behind the bench waiting for them and ask how many sets they have left. Even if they say somthing like 4 or 5, just keep standing there pretty close. they usually get done quicker when you do this.


What everyone said above.... -,-

And this ain't no news either homes. Stop worrying about what morons are doing and puke on your own bucket..


I think you should've posted on the Curling In The Squat Rack thread more people would've been sympathetic


I curl, bench, rack pull in my squat rack.


It only annoys me to see people doing curls in the squat rack. barbell shrugs and military press aren't bad. It is true that not very many people squat at my gym, so it isn't in use too often.


people curling in the squat rack sucks but they also pay the same as everyone and are entitled to use whatever equipment they want. The only real issue at my gym is people doing incline curls on the stationary incline bench. We only have two so it's bothersome but I move to something else and use it after if need be.


Maybe someone was already curling in the squat rack and they had no where else to go but the BP.


it's the fact that they don't know what they're doing not that they're intentionally trying to look stupid, everyones been there starting out.

Most stupid thing i ever did was benching once when i was younger, loads of guys were about benching like 120-150kg, when they had finished i thought i'd have a go, when upto to the bar and took a 25 of each side and added a 10 to each side, off i go pushing out about 7 good reps, the guys were watching me, cool they were impressed.
Not, i'd gone and loaded both 10's to the same side and i looked a twat, too busy thinking i was cool and totally not concentrating :-p


I forget which pro BB said "If I curl more than you squat, then I get to curl in the squat rack."


Ya know quit bitchin about dumb shit like this... all of us. We need to realize that people also pay a membership and are entitiled to use the equipment, theres no law against it. If you need to squat or use the equipmtne that theyre using, then ask them how many more sets they got and live with it. not everyone on the planet of muscle and fitness wants to so the same shit we do.