Impromptu Meet Deload

I’m currently doing 5/3/1 and I might sign up for a meet on April 25th. This will be my first meet and like the title says, it’s kind of a last minute decision. Since this is unplanned, I didn’t program it so that my deload week would fall in line with the meet. Currently, I am balls deep in a scheduled deload week. So I’m looking for some advice on how to schedule a deload.

My plan is to do my 5 rep week this coming week. Then my 3 rep week the week of April 6th. Then do a deload week on the week of 4/20 leading up to the meet. On the following week I plan to re-do the 3 rep week and then continue with the cycle as planned.

Please critique this and help me out.

Don’t over think it. Deloading leading up to the meet is a fine idea. Also, depending how on the meet goes, you may feel like you were run over by a small truck for several days after the meet. That’s how i always feel. Why not just start the cycle over a week after your meet? Either way, i think you’ll be fine.