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Impromptu Forum With TC

Hey, I’ve actually got an hour or two to kill. Anyone want to ask me a question about anything at all?

I’m wondering what kind of shakes you would have consumed before Biotest’s Surge and Grow! came out?

Okay, here you go.

I just joined 24-Hour Fitness three weeks ago. My business partner was supposed to meet me there to work out three times a week, but he threw his back out and is laid up for a while. What’s the best way to locate a decent workout partner in a new gym?

Recommended muscle gain program.
For a complete beginner which of your programs would u recommend a person follow?

Do you prefer NCAA Football or Madden?


Well, I helped develop EAS’ Myoplex, so I was always partial to that before Biotest’s Grow! and Surge came out.

Prior to that, I used MET-Rx.

Back then, we weren’t as knowledgeable about post-workout nutrition as we are now, so we pretty much drank those drinks as is without doctoring them up.


I guess I’d ask you this–why do you want a workout partner? While a goood reliable workout partner is a Godsend, they’re few and far between. Most want to talk and talk and talk instead of working out.

Furthermore, they’re schedules often handcuff you. I’d rather just work out by myself and if I need a spot, I recruit any poor bastard who looks able-bodied.

That’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but that’s pretty much how I feel.

What did you do to help develop Myoplex? That sounds scientific.


I’d read all of Chris Shugart’s “Dawg School” articles.

But if I had it to do over again, I’d concentrate pretty much exclusively on mastering the deadlift, squat, power clean, overhead press, and bench press and not worry about anything else for a year or two.

[quote]Atomic Dog wrote:
I guess I’d ask you this–why do you want a workout partner?[/quote]

Because I’m new to all of this, so I haven’t wired in the “right” way to do everything just yet. I’m perfectly satisfied with the idea of working out by myself, but at the moment I think my errors in form would do more harm than good.

I entirely agree with your comments, though, and if I was a little more experienced I’d go the same route.

Recently I had a wild night out with this female goddess who is extremely friendly. Ever since then it burns when I pee. Do you think I should see a Dr.?j/p

Here is the real question.

What Diet have you seen the best results on T-dawg, or P/F + P/C?

Hey TC, remember the flavor of the original EAS Prescision Protein, Chocolate flavor? You have anything to do with that? That was F’in good. Grow! just beats it out though.

Anyway, TC, you do a plethora of writing- damn good writing. Is there anything you do to stoke the brain engines and keep them going? Any rituals to get you in the “zone”?

Just wanted to know what type of program you’re using, lifts,load etc…

Also, what is your level of education? I am a student myself and just like to learn as much about the people giving me training advice as possible.

only if you have the time

flagstaff AZ

Was HMB really as good as Deca? What new things are on the supplement horizon?


“That sounds scientific”?

You know, dontcha’, that I’m first and foremost a science guy?

Went to school for a degree in microbiology with the hopes of doing gene research. Got degrees in English language and lit for grins.

Of course, after I’ve said all that, helping out with Myoplex wasn’t that scientific. What happened was that the developer of MET-Rx had convinced Bill Phillips and I that his protein was the product of over ten year’s research.

I didn’t believe him, so I ordered a variety of different proteins from a manufacturer and literally mixed up different formulations in my kitchen!

Something called TMP (total milk protein) 1225 ended up being Myoplex.

Since we are talking history, how did you get teamed up with Tim Patterson and Biotest? How did The Nation begin?


That girl’s name wasn’t Tabitha, was it?

If so I gotta’ go see a doc.

As far as diets, I like low-carb diets like the T-Dawg for fairly quick results, but prefer the carbs/protein in the morning and protein/fat in the evening program (of should I say, lifestyle) in combination with Red Bands for the long haul.

Of course, if I’m really in a hurry, I kinda’ cheat. I shouldn’t even reveal this, but what the heck. When I want to cut up really fast, I used MAG-10 (4-AD-EC now) along with Red Bands.

What I do is take 3 MAG-10 in the morning and 3 MAG-10 in the evening, along with the usual dose of Red Bands. Then, I literally hardly eat anything! Oh, I make sure my protein intake is high, but that’s about it. The MAG-10 and Red Bands keep me from losing any muscle and the fat leaves town, pronto.

Sorry, I didn’t know your background considering I’m rather new as a T-Nation reader (about three months). You sound like you’re having fun with getting degrees for the fun of it. I’ve thought about that, but as a recent graduate I gotta get on my feet first.

That’s cool though. Well done with your accomplishments and the protein gig. What other interesting facts are in your background file?

Sounds similiar to a fat fast diet. I just finished three cycles of Mag-10.
I have seen great results. I got down to 10% bf with out too much of a change in my diet. I Still have some Mag-10 left. I think I will do one more cycle and do a mini fat fast diet after the winter bulk.

Thanks for the info TC

Brooklyn Mike,

I didn’t have anything to do with that particular EAS product, but regardless all their products were flavored by a flavor chemist in a company in Orange County, Ca.

And thanks for the compliment! You made my day.

Is there anything I do to stoke the fires? I read everything I can and take notes on it. I also do my best work in the morning before the rest of the world wakes up. It’s easy to work when there are no distractions. Power Drive, interestingly, helps too. I take that stuff and I feel like Coleridge writing Xanadu after a cocaine-induced dream.

Okay, I’ll quit with the literary references.