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Impressive Zercher Squat


Have any of you other guys seen this? Met this guy at the Lee Haney strongman games last fall and turns out he’s a huge fan of Zerchers and other odd lifts.

His YouTube is classicstrength and he’s done 495lbs awhile ago but he claims to have done 545 recently at a body weight around 175

Also a fan of partial like this 705lb lift I saw on his Instagram classicstrength


Pretty cool


Ths one’s cool too


There’s Eric Bugenhagen (hopefully that’s spelt right) on YouTube. His channel is called metal n’ iron and he does a lot of stuff like that. Bud Jeffries on instagram is another guy into unconventional training too you might like.


Not to mention Bugenhagen just zercher DEADLIFTED 520 the other day. Also Bud is a fucking tank at everything. Crazy how well that man moves.


When you see a video shot of this you know shits mad.


Yeah I know Eric Bugenhagen is insanely strong. I can see this classic strength guy, I think his name is Ryan Romano, being like him in a few years. What’s crazy to me is that he’s only 175lbs and looks like a physique guy. That clip ofBudJeffries is awesome. I get bored of normal strength training stuff so I gotta find people like this


I haven’t tried a zercher deadlift, but I don’t think zercher squats are really difficult at all. I had never done a zercher squat before, and the first time I tried them I hit an easy 405 single, when my back squat max was just over 500. From a leg strength/effort standpoint, and even from a balance standpoint, I find zerchers to be easier than front squats. They’re painful, but that doesn’t really matter.

Yes, Bugenhagen is crazy strong. I don’t know anything about this other guy.


You should look into jefferies man. He’s fat af but he has amazing mobility and speed to compensate. And yeah I agree, when I did them for a month I got up to 405 when my back squat wasn’t even 405. I feel like back strength carries more into zerchers than actually “squatting” strength does. The hard part is just trying to learn how to hold the bar for extended periods of time…