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Impressive Skillz Movie!

I wonder what this guy’s vertical jump is?

Wow. Impressive. That stuff was pretty wild. Some of his moves seemed video-game like. Real Shinobi-type stuff.

I can’t even do a cartwheel,

This dude is amazing!! And the judges score:
England 9.9, U.S.A. 10.0, France 5.2!W!T!F!

Anyone have any idea who that guy is?

Can pro gymnasts do that kind of stuff?

someone posted that exact clip on this site over a year ago, and I’m still blown away.

Break-dancing Ninja!

I remember seeing this a while back. Still impressive. The next action-movie discovery? Makes that guy from The Transporter look like a chump.

Man. That guy should be making some money out of those skills.

I think that’s his goal

I believe his name is Joe Jiera/Jiego, this is a sampler of his Capoeira skills, I imgine he’s looking to get into movies and such.

The guys name is Joe Eigo he’s part of a martial arts team called Multi Level Moves. I believe they are from Toronto Canada.

They have some really amazing videos


I’d be really interested in what kind of training one can do to enhance the ability to perform like that. I imagine a lot of his ability is genetic, though.