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Impressive Raw Performance @ 275

Stan Efferding at an APA meet in Sacramento recently.

Glad this guy isn’t in my weight class…Sheesh…

I was at that meet. Pulled up his singlet straps and chalked his back just before that squat attempt. It was awesome to see in person.

The guys got a no-quit low gear that just cranks the weight up.

Yeah, that was a really impressive display of raw strength. Love how he’s yelling and growling the whole time too while he’s lifting. :slight_smile: Awesome.

I need a hamburger.

Wow, that is a man mountain. The pull looked easy too.

He’s crazy strong at incline bench too.

is he tall? he looks pretty slim for 275 i know hes fucking jacked but still not to say he looks small but hes lean!

He looked like he had alot left in the tank for his bench and deadlift, and his squat was rediculously deep. And he’s now the #1 Raw 275er? God Dam.

He’s about 5’ 10" I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a little shorter after that squat…

Definitely someone to look up to! Amazing!

[quote]skidmark wrote:
He’s about 5’ 10" I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a little shorter after that squat…[/quote]

5’ 10"??? Funny how the video makes him seem a lot taller. Is he as lean as he is strong? It’s cool to see a higher weightclass guy in that good of condition.

That squat was so deep I thought I was about to witness a man shit out his own intestines.

Megaprops to this guy.

When he broke parallel and got deeper into the bucket I wasn’t sure how he’d push out of it. Damn.

What a bamf.

holy shit that is one hardcore son of a bitch

that was the easiest looking deadlift…

What a tank.

Damn, that squat was retarded. The walkout made it look like he was going to get pinned and then he just kept going deeper.

That was some great lifting.

So much for taking a deep breath and holding it throughout the lift. He was still talking on the descent. Lots of little breaths on the Squat and Bench. Crazy.

Wow, he is amazing.

[quote]coolnatedawg wrote:
that was the easiest looking deadlift…[/quote]
It looked like a warmup. He probably could have squatted more if the bar wasn’t bouncing so much.