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Impressive Powerlifting Vid

Saw this on CNN and thought it was worth posting. Sounds like he is the only American competing. Enjoy


Great post… That guy deserves a hell of a lot more press than being stuck on the back page some where… Thanks for the info…
Train like you live…

this guy is a fuckin inspiration, this is proof that no matter what if you want something bad enough you can go get it, no more excuses for being a fuckin 115 pound weakling who says “i cant gain weight or get stronger”, or no more excuses for saying “im a fat ass i cant change it”

We need more of this shit put front and center as Razor29 said, thanks for this post and vid

Great find. I hope this guy comes home with the gold. Maybe he will get the publicity he deserves.

at a michigan state meet this year in march, ther was a young gilr who was paralized from waist down and competed in beching. they had to strap her to the bech, that day if memory serves, she pressed 245lb. it was the most inspiring thing ive ever seen. that placed roared for her. thats why i love this sport, hope to see her next year.