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Impressed with SURGE Workout Fuel


Thought I would throw in my two cents here, just got done with my second workout using the new SURGE Workout Fuel and I must say that I am very impressed. I flat out destroyed my legs today; squats, deads, step-ups, GHR's and lunges. The stuff works as advertised for me. What I love about the formula is that it isn't a bunch of caffeine mixed with arginine.

I didn't feel all jacked up on caffeine, rather, it was just a steady stream of energy both workouts. Kind of hard to explain, but once you try it, you will know what I mean. Two thumbs up. Can't wait for a couple months on this stuff, will see some great results I am sure...


I've been doing 20 rep squats and did my first workout w/ the SURGE Workout Fuel and them yesterday. It was the second workout w/ the SURGE Workout Fuel.

Usually I'm sweating, totally out of breath, and experience a large amount of nausea but I haven't puked yet. Nothing yesterday. I was out of breath to a small degree, barely sweating, and no nausea. The weight was the heaviest I've done them w/ and it was hard, but compared to some of my earlier workouts, the aftermath was relatively mild.

I hope it keeps working for the next two weeks.


how much did you all use? as prescirbed or a little less?


I did the usual 2 scoops/20 oz of water. My workouts usually last about an hour.


I too have noticed a definite difference in my energy reserves during this first week taking SURGE Workout Fuel. I like this product, alot!


I personally mix two scoops in about 20 ounces of water and sip it on my way to the gym. I usually finish it right after my warm-up.

I then mix one scoop with Surge Recovery afterward and slam it.



From the product thread:

(posted by Bill Roberts)

[i]I would recommend if you wish to use more, and if it's a 1 hour workout, then use 1/2 scoop 15 minutes before the workout, 2 scoops immediately before or during the worktout (whether drunk all at once immediately before or sipped during, sipped being the recommendation but all at once being how I do it personally and also does work), and 1 scoop afterwards combined with Surge Recovery.

Or if a 90 minute workout then an additional 1 scoop at the 60 minute point to cover your last 30 minutes; or if a 2 hour workout then an additional 2 scoops at the 1 hour point to cover your last hour.

But I would not recommend four scoops in one hour.[/i]


Which means you are not sipping on Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery during your workouts, right?


Correct. Sometimes toward the end of the session, though, I may mix the Workout Fuel and Recovery a little sooner and sip it through the last half. It really depends on if I feel I need it or not.



On sipping versus drinking all of the amount planned for say an hour at the beginning of that hour (call it the batch method):

And with the caveat that I was not involved with any of the work and testing done with athletes along the way, this is only personal opinion.

Both release of fluid from the stomach and subsequent absorption in the GI tract are not all-of-it-at-once instantaneous processes.

Either way the time course delivery will be similar. There will be some extent to which the batch method delivers more earlier but I don't see where it can be a vast difference. If anything that is not a disadvantage for the batch method.

Where the sipping method has a clear superiority is in the context of athletics, which is what it was designed for and a large amount of the pre-release practical experience is in. Carrying around an extra 16 ounces or whatever of fluid and weight at any given moment is a disadvantage there. A "just in time" delivery system, so to speak, has an advantage in this regard in that context.

But lifting weights in the gym, that is not a factor.

So it really comes down to personal preference, I think, between those methods.


Hey Bros,

Couple more observations on the Workout Fuel front after using it consistently now. Great product, I have been using it for about three weeks and love the workouts. I use it a couple times a week with the most intense workouts, not every workout, just legs and an upper body day where I do stairmaster sprints after and it helps me get through the nasty leg days for sure.

Like they say, start sipping 15 minutes before and I like to have a carb meal within 30 minutes of getting done with the workout. I also used it during my hockey game last week and it was great, had tons of energy the entire game. Bravo Biotest, I have another regular supplement to add to my list!! Great product...


I've been using this for a little over a week and I never sing the praises of any supplement, but this stuff is amazing.

I was able to seriously bring up both the intensity and volume of my training without very much soreness. The only thing I've noticed is some inflamation in my joints. I really can't say it better than anyone else has so far other than to say that I'm experiencing the same thing they are...


Hey guys, what flavor do you recommend if I were to order Surge?


I've been alternating between both flavors and like them equally.

Then again, even though Surge Workout Fuel tastes good for a supplement, I'm not drinking it for taste.


Manic, I like the Fruit Punch better. I bought both but the Fruit Punch is good; the Lemonade is just "OK". But the effect is great.


Thanks Scipio, I purchased the Fruit Punch. Should be here tonight/tomorrow, hope so atleast!


I prefer Lemonade, although Fruit Punch is good too.


Fruit Punch is my new best friend.


I've been running a smolov squat/smolov jr. bench routine with this stuff (seeing if the hype is true or what not) and getting near the end of week 1. The one thing that sticks out is that I seem still able to 'move' despite intense mental fatigue with the volume benching. My 2 cents.


Sounds like it is the real deal. A couple of questions:

1) Had you used the Surge Recovery before workouts prior to the introduction of the Surge Workout Fuel; and if so, is there a drastic difference?

2) I am currently following a modified WSFSB program with the following splits:

M - ME Upper Body
T - DE Lower Body & HIIT (Sprinting)
W - Agility / Footwork Drills
Th - Repetition Upper Body
F - ME Lower Body
Sa - HIIT (Usually Crossfit Fight Gone Bad) / Moderate Cardio
Su - Off

My diet is low carb with the exception of the Surge Recovery after workouts. Would taking Surge Workout Fuel prior to my tough days (T & Sa) be beneficial, or would the increase in carbs on those days cause more harm than good?

Overall goal is to increase strength, speed, athletic ability without a major increase in bodyfat -- so far so good.