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Impossible Muscle Knots

I have 4 hard muscle knots in the left side of my body, among severe middle size knots in the left side as well.
The primary knots are in the soleous, oblique, glute and neck.
I believe everything started because apparently my right leg is slightly shortr that the left one, so I walk sideways which created lots of tension in the left part of my body.
I have uneven hips.
As a result when I do one legged glute bridges or calves raises, my left side cannot contract properly so to say, and when I try to.perform plyometric exercises my left side just dont have any kind of rebound/elasticity.

In regards of my neck and left oblique, I just cannot bend them to the left.
Let make an example, if I do dumbell side bends, the exercise works normally when I use my right arm but when it comes to left my range of motion is very limited, I have a collapsing/blocking sensation and cannot bend. Besides all rotation exercises to the right have shorter range of motion too. Its depressing.

Exactly the same happens to me with my neck, I lack leftwards bend and rightwards twist.

I will provide photos because the one in the soleous is big and very hard, if anybody wants to see it.
I have tried different specialists and massages , Lacrosse balls , hard foam rollers and stretching.
One problem is that I can not fix the lacrosse ball in the muscle knot because the knot just slides away. But if I happen to put.the knot.just.on the lacrosse ball, I just feel.nothing… as if the knots were too hard.

Saddens me a lot not being able to find a solution for those f…ng muscle knots.
Im gonna massage away until.I find a way to solve my tissue problems.

I would be very pleased if any comrade could lend me.a.hand. Its very important.for.me.

Trigger point therapy might work. Find the most knotted up sore spots and push as hard as you can stand with your knuckle or trigger point tool. A foam roller might also help.

Sounds bad dude. If getting someone to stick a finger, elbow or ankle deep in it and hold it there until it loosens doesn’t work than I dunno.

This is kind of random but a guy at my gym recently made his own massage gun that can really hammer a single spot deep.

This make me feel much better about using a Porter Cable ramdom orbital sander on my ass last year!

I have a lot of similar issues. I have very uneven hips and traps and some crazy ass knots also a lot of muscles that are like 'glued ’ together because of scar tissue stuff etc… I have gone to massage therapists and chiro and physio and the only thing that ever made anything even slightly better was dry needling . Have you ever had that done? Both my new physio and chiro have done it on my lower back around my spine and different areas of my glute and up my side . It’s actually the only thing I do now because everything else was a waste of money.
I know it sucks though, hopefully you can find some relief .