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Impossible Lab Results or Labcorp Failure?

I’m on prescribed test cyp, anastrozole, and hcg. After 6 weeks of 200 mg/week (single injection) my total testosterone was 864 (348-1197 range). Doc upped my dose to 260 mg/ week (single injection) in hopes of getting me to around 1000 total. Tested after another 6 weeks. My lab value came back at 562. Both times blood was drawn the day of the injection, before the injection. How is this possible?? I increased the dose but my blood level went down.

The only other change I made was starting acetyl l carnitine at 3 grams twice per day. It is supposed to increase androgen receptor count/activity. I feel great on the new dose, with energy, libido, and improving body composition.

I’m 40 years old, 6’1 and 245, about 12% body fat. My workout is 5/3/1 and some sprints.

Thanks for any insight,


could be a lab error.
You also could be a hyper excreater of T
consider breaking your dose up and injecting more frequintly. eod or twice per week.
read the advice for new guys sticky, post all labs.

i’d get a redraw - from a diff lab company if possible. they did a T test for me recently that i think might of been erroneous. it does happen - no lab is perfect.