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Importing Steroids


Hi everyone.
I need some advise.
I ordered 150 d-bol and 100 winnytabs about 4 months ago and the goods got siezed,only because customs here opened the package,it was in a package with a shirt.

Anyway would it be safe to order more roids that are packed well,eg small envolope ,air tight,no sound,very discrete.The concern i have is that do customs "MARK" an address like if they see a little envolope addressed to an address that has been busted by siezure.Would they keep records of that? or should i be safe?

I really have no other addresses i could send it to, I'm not involving any family memebers on this and i dont have any other houses :confused:
Thoughts please


I wouldn't chance it.


I really wouldn't chance it HHH! You got lucky last time, you may not be so lucky this time around.

Your home address or PO Box may or may not be flagged. I know on other boards people say that once you get a seizure letter that address gets flagged. But, nobody knows for sure.

One little bit of advice that I can give you or anybody else considering AAS's, is to get Legal Muscle by Rick Collins. It just may come in handy if one day the Feds knock on your door to say "Hi"!


I agree, anyone wanting to do a cycle should get collins' book.
Maybe try ordering domestically next time. And definitely have the gear shipped to a different addy, like a p.o. box.



One very important point I forgot to add. There is a good possibility that your house may not be flagged, but your source's address could very well be flagged.


Thanks for the reply's guys

No problem with my souce being flagged,i sent the cash to 1 of his buddies and next time ill send it to another friend so thats ok.
Hmm looks like im going to have to find somewhere else where i can get it delivered.
Im thinking my workplace,it has a po box but id have to use my real name because the boss might go hmm this might be for me "lol" .Last time i used a fake name.
Hmm running out of idea's hmm maybe i shouls just get a po box? maybe.
Anybody else that has ideas?
Thanks in advance


Get yourself a PO box... your address has DEFINITELY been flagged.

I can't tell you how many times I have opened my PO box over the years and found it empty...

...and the only thing inside was a card from the RCMP! ROFL! I just keep changing PO boxes. Live and learn, I guess. We can only be so lucky... so BE CAREFUL!


well, you send the cash to one of his friends, but where does he send the package from?
They watch where he sends stuff to now.