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Important Ttokkyo Labs Info from Brock

Brock just e-mailed me as follows:

I have been made aware of a total of 22 people in the last week who
had to go to the hospital or walk in clinic with a case of
celullitis from Ttokkyo Labs Testanon 250 (their Sustanon 250 clone)
or Ttokkyo Labs Testosterone Cypionate 200.

Now Ttokkyo’s other stuff (e.g. Boldenon 200, Stanol-V, and
all their orals) seems perfectly fine. So it appears, this
issue is confined only to anything Ttokkyo makes that has
testosterone cypionate in it.

I don’t know if it is a shoddy batch or what but please tell everyone
to not use Ttokkyo products that have any testosterone cypionate in it.

Unfortunately, this is 100% true.

I would stay away from all Ttokkyo testosterone
products at this point unless you want to
feel like shit and possibly end up in
the hospital.


Brock, If I was looking to get some Ttokkyo deca. Should I be safe and opt for the Aussie stuff instead? Will I need the 0.22-u filters with either? Oh, and is there any more legit human 200mg/ml deca available? What should I look for to make sure I don’t get fake stuff?

How can you clean up the stuff…Boiling? freezer???

yeah if only i couldve gotten my hand in the GAC cookie jar before he stopped taking customers