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Important question from begginer

Hey guys,
i’m a new guy on the weight training scene and have a really important question to ask.
Basically, when i’m lifting my final few reps and the intensity is getting high, my head starts to sort of shake(well, maybe not shake but stutter could be a better word). Anyway, it starts to sort of stutter and i feel a significant increase of blood pressue in my head(in my brain to be specific!).
After I’ve finished lifting, the feeling seems to remain in my head for about five minutes. It feels like my brain is sort of trobbing,like when I touch just above my temples I feel a much stronger pulse.
I’d relly appreciate any responses as to whether this is normal, or what it could possibly be.
I’m really serious by the way, so if anybody thinks they can help me, i’d really appreciate it

Obviously your heart rate would be up, but make sure you’re not holding your breath while lifting. Okay on a one rep max, natural even, but not during a whole set.

As Paul said, as in all sports, breathe.

reminds me of the throbbing headache post. I used to get somethin like this and it hurt. it stopped though./

You didn’t mention what lift your head does this on so it’s difficult to say exactly, but if you are doing bench, make sure you are keeping your head on the bench. If you are doing some other exercise like squat, or military press try to relax your neck, it kind of sounds like you are “tensing” everything up. If you weren’t doing any of the above things, it kind of sounds like you are getting a headache. When I have had throbbing headings while working out it was usually caused by dehydration, contributing to this were sleep deprevation, hunger, and stress. And you can (not all the time) use some ib profin or tyelonal.