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Mike Kyle’s indefinate suspension was apparently lifted earlier this month, and he is already signed to fight in the Central Valley Cagefighting event on October 2 in Fresno, CA.

For those of you unaware, Kyle was suspended indefinately in October 2006 for illegally kicking Brian Olsen in the face, and then continuing to assault (and make no mistake, it was an assault) his unconcious opponent after a fight. The victim, Olsen, suffered multiple fractures to his face and has continued to suffer long-term from the beating, which included a postfight head stomp and multiple strikes.

It took Herb Dean running into the ring to assist the original referee in removing Kyle from Olsen. In previous fights Kyle has bitten opponents and attempted eye gouges, and multiple times has deliberately ignored referee instruction.

If you feel that Kyle should not be permitted to return to MMA competition at this time, feel free to contact Armando Garcia, head of the California State Athletic Commission.


Central Valley Cagefighting’s homepage has a “contact us” section where you can leave comments or questions: http://www.centralvalleycagefighting…act-m-5-5.html

OR you can contact the promotor directly at jason@cvcage.com

Very bad for the sport.

That guy shouldn’t be in this sport. He gives MMA a bad name.

I don’t know…

I agree that what he did was wrong, but I don’t know if I would call it an assault. If you take away the illegal soccer kick and substitute it with any legal knockout strike, then the scene that follows is not unlike what I’ve seen in many other MMA fights.

The fighter lands the knockout strike and continues to pummel his opponent until the refs pull him off/stop the fight. I think what makes this particular incident seem so malicious is that the initial strike that sets the scene is an illegal one. However, that soccer kick may have just been instinctual.

I still think what he did was wrong, but just from watching the video I can’t tell if he should be banned from the sport forever.

And I thought bringing in Kimbo was bad news. Even big companies like Pride turned a blind eye to steroids and the danger of stomps and piledrivers. Really, the UFC is actually pretty damn clean about their image and they have helped the sport of MMA become mainstream far more than any other organization.

They deserve credit for this. The fact that this happened in the WEC, owned by the UFC, shows Kyle has no future in MMA after what he did.

Soccer kicks might not be too bad if the toes are curled down; the biggest risk I see with them is the threat of a toe and toenail ruining someone’s eye. Kicking with the toes up is like attacking with the fingers pointed to someone’s face. It’s too dangerous for the eyes. If it’s just blunt force though, they aren’t much different than a Crocop LHK.

I don’t know, yeah he crossed the line, but it’s not like that never happens in MMA. They made a bigger deal out of the kick, which was legal in Pride for years.

There was a fight where about 3 refs had to pull Gomi off a fighter after the bell(I think it was Luiz Azeredo, but I’m not certain), he wasn’t baned from the sport.

Granted if this guy has repeated history of this, than yeah he deffinatly has to go.

Gomi, like Bob Sapp and sumo wrestlers, is more or less a god in Japan and can get away with just about anything…

Hell, he’s still the #1 “lightweight” according to Sherdog.