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Importance of the Deload


I'd been making some great progress the past 3 months hitting PR's just about every session. I was so excited that I didn't do a proper de load throughout that time save for 1 forced week off due to family requirements. After another PR set I felt a twinge in my upper glute and finished the session. I ended up taking nsaids and pain meds for 3 days after in order to function.

While my training was great there was a lot going on life wise with new house purchase and lots of stressor surrounding that along with tons of physical work. I didn't take these into account from a recovery perspective and paid for it with injury.

Just wanted to throw that out there, there are so many different factors affecting recovery the de load after 6 week blocks seems like a great built in protection against stupidity. Guess I should have done the work as written, stupidity will not win out again.


Sometimes we learn lesson by reading and taking advice, sometimes we just have to touch the wet paint for ourselves


I don't believe in planned deloads. I just let my life decide when I need to take it down a notch.


That's exactly how I was rolling prior to this set back. My training was great so I figured there was no need to scale back. I guess my point is that by the time you feel it's time to de load it might be too late. This approach may work for you but a lot of people would probably benefit from a week every month and a half where they make recovery a priority, especially those with limited time due to family and work obligations. I used to be a fence sitier regarding the to de load or not to de load conundrum. I just found myself falling off of that fence and landing on the pro de load side.


You got it - you are now smarter and much wiser than the average lifter. And that is one way to become stronger than the average lifter. Congrats.


While doing 5/3/1 three times a week + some conditioning with 6 weeks cycles I'll be quite beaten up after the last week and really need a deload.

I might have shitty recovery capabilities or some guys just have superhero genetics here. But I can not really understand training without deloading. At least with the template I'm currently doing.


Amen to that. As an old lifter (50 in 2 months!) and still doing 4 days/week 5/3/1, I find that a deload every 4th week, like the original program prescribes, works best for me. The only time I'll skip a scheduled deload is when life forces me to take time off outside my plan, then I just adjust accordingly.