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Importance of Switching DL Grips?

So for quite a while I always stuck to a left overhand/right underhand grip but read that I should be mixing them up to avoid imbalances. Problem is when I started switching grips, the left side of my lower back would ache a bit and the left side of the bar would sometimes touch the ground earlier than the right cause I’m not used to the grip.

Normally I’d use the unfamiliar grip on the sets leading up to my last one then I’ll use my standard mixed grip.

What do you guys think? Keep on doing what I do now or practice the unfamiliar grip on much lower weights and just keep using my standard one? Or just stick to my standard one for all working sets since the imbalances aren’t/won’t be that severe?

I always pull the same way… double over up to about 275lbs then switch to right over left under. Always have and I never had any problems.

I alternate between right over/left under and right under/left over until I get up to my heaviest sets then I stick to right under. It may take a few weeks of practice but you’ll get used to pulling with different grips.