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Importance of Sat. Fat in Diet

How important is it to have adequate amounts saturated in your diet? I realized that most of the fats I consume are unsaturated (flax, organic peanut butter, olive oil). I know that it’s necessary to have some in your diet but is there any harm if you’re not consuming enough?

Some studies have linked extremely low saturated fat intake with an increase risk of stroke. (We’re talking in the neighborhood of <5g day, day in and day out). I doubt it’s anything to worry about, and could merely be a spurious correlation. Contrary to much popular belief, I do not think saturated fat is a cause of heart disease, though it correlates nicely to a number of things that do. We all know that saturated fat decreases insulin sensitivity, so it’s probably best that you keep your intake on the low end anyways. Seeing that both monounsaturates and saturates increase testosterone levels, you’d do best sticking with mono’s, like you appear to be doing.

I definitely notice more strength and a greater sex drive when I include some Saturated fats into my diet. I believe that they are important to incorporate some into your diet but at the right time, place and quantity.

However, Mono’s and Poly’s should be greater majority of fats.