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Importance of Protein


So, I know protein is important. Before moving I was consuming 1 gram per pound of body weight.

Moved for school now. After rent, utilities, and transportation, I have about $350/month for groceries (including things like laundry detergent, body wash, etc), laundry, and going out (luckily, I don't go out).

I've decided not to spend money on a gym membership. I love lifting heavy and miss powerlifting, but gyms around here are either out of my price range or not very good. However, I am okay with this because, while I was enjoying powerlifting, I more or less chose that sport because I find lifting heavy easier than other activities. However, as a result from previously bad eating habits, I am overweight, with a family history of diabetes and heart conditions. It was so bad that when I first moved here, I couldn't walk the 2.3 miles to school without getting a wet brow and being beat. Doing a lot of walking, HIIT, and training with just my body weight and some kettlebells that I bought years ago and brought with me.

I am doing better now. Didn't bring a scale with me so don't know how much I lost, but feel like I look better, and definitely feel better. But I am concerned about my macros; mainly my protein, I think my carbs and fats are dialed in.

I'm missing my goal of 1g/pound of mass by a lot. I really don't know how to get more in..I'm going through a pound or more of ground beef, chicken thighs, or fish (when on sale) a day. Then there's also the whey protein PWO. On days that I have time for breakfast, I eat about 3-5 eggs for breakfast.

I'm only getting a little less than 200 grams of protein a day..previously, was getting about 300 grams.

Am I over thinking it? Is it okay to hit a little low in my protein? Or does anyone have any cheap ways to get another at least 50 grams in?

My current grocery bill is basically:
1. Meat (primarily ground beef or chicken thighs; fish or pork or etc when on sale to change things up)
2. Supplements (whey, fish oil, ZMA, and Rez-V)
3. Frozen veggies; fresh ones when on a good sale
4. Bulk nuts
5. Misc (butter, oils, spices/herbs, eggs, detergent, body wash, etc)
6. Fruit

I have a few dollars left over at the end of the month, but I also like having a little left over, versus spending my whole budget, emergencies, ya know.


It really depends on your goals.
200g/day is pretty good.
People are going to ask for your stats.
Also, I would consider putting veggies ahead of supplements on your priority list, especially if health is a concern.


Goals. To lose weight, 220 pounds or sub 12% bodyfat, whichever comes first.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: last time I weighed myself was a month ago, I was 308
Bodyfat: no idea, at the time, I was about 24%, using tape measure method

Only reason veggies come third is bc of price, I should have labeled that list differently, wasn't my priorities, but which is getting the most money to least money a month..a big bag of frozen veggies is cheap and lasts many meals, so I spend less on veggies than I do supps.


skim milk?


Jeez, you must be quite solid to be 308 and 24%. What are your lifts like, if you don't mind me asking?


Eh, Idk. I've always had quite a good layer of fat over everything, so never really did trust the tape measure method, wouldn't surprise me if I was closer to 30%, it's just the only way I had to test my level. At the same time, had a lifting coach I saw to help me with my form tell me that going off my body structure, he didn't think I could get below 220 without looking like Christian Bale from The Machinist.

My last big lifts before I stopped going to the gym, nothing special. My squat, got 405 for a doube. Bench, 245 for a triple (always been weak there). Deadlift, 515 for a painful single. Nothing special at all, not even close to 2xbodyweight in squat or DL. Which is why I don't trust the bodyfat level, but it's the only testing method I had.


Tuna might want to become a staple meat btw.


Eggs are cheap as hell. Throw away the yolks if you have to. Still a lot of protein for your money.


Jeez, you must be quite solid to be 308 and 24%. What are your lifts like, if you don't mind me asking?


Your goal should be to eat at least 1g of protein per lb of lean body mass.


Dried beans- cheap, have protien
Find meat on sale and freeze it. Milk too.
you can also buy your veggies in bulk fresh for pretty cheap, then steam them and freeze them