Importance of Post Workout Carbs?

Question for our vets here, and I’ll just go ahead and cut to the chase.

How important do you guys feel Post WO carbs are?

I ask, because currently I have 75g pre workout, 25g peri workout and 75g post workout. In the coming months I plan on tightening things up a bit and really focusing on the lean gains, I have plenty of mass so I would like to refine things a bit.

Is 75g post overkill? If I am supplementing with that many pre workout and peri workout I’m wondering if I still need a large spike post workout…

Any suggestions on the amount of carbs that would be optimal to replenish glycogen and get the recovery process started with little to no fat storage?

Key words being: MINIMAL TO NO FAT STORAGE post workout :slight_smile:

I’m hoping bushy and some of you other guys will chime in here. Also, no offense, but if you don’t really know what you’re talking about, please don’t make suggestions. Thanks guys, I’ll check back in the morning.

Like 15 years ago, I used to go overboard with post-wo carbs (up to 225g post workout at a bodyweight of 240 pounds and 10-12% bodyfat).

Now I focus on pre- and peri-workout carbs and don’t have pwo carbs as such. There have been enough studies that show that insulin response to carbs is reduced after workouts, i.e. when blood catecholamine concentrations are elevated. There have also been stduies that indicate that protein synthesis doesn’t surge when carbohydrate/protein shakes are taken immediately post workout, when catecholamines are still elevated.

Researches then suggested to take pwo shakes one to three hours after workout, since this increases protein synthesis. IMO, this is a bit outdated, though. Taking most carbs pre- and peri-wo and eat again 90 minutes or so after a workout is probably a better option.

I am ligher than you are. Currently 230 pounds. Bodyfat around between 8 and 9 percent. I take 125g pre-workout (within 45 minutes before wo) and 90g during workouts.
The next carbs I’ll have are 90 minutes after workout.

This has done wonders for me in terms of recovery as well as gains in both strengh and lean mass.

I made very good and very lean gains following this protocol and having only around 70g of carbs besides the ones in the peri-wo protocol.
I made graet gains with the protocol and additional 220-250 grams of carbs (for a daily total of 435 to 465 grams). But I do gain a little fat with this higher carb approach.

For your weight, I’d suggest something like 240g of carbs pre- and peri-workout and an additional 60g in each of the next two meals after the workout (the first one being eaten 90 minutes after wo). As for gaining lean mass, i.e. little to no fat storage, I wouln’t eat any carbs besides this.