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Importance of Nutrition with TRT

I started trt and have noticed low blood sugar issues (had this issue as a teenager). While I have not felt more hungry it seems I need more food. I currently eat as I did prior to starting which is about 1k calories a day. I know I need more, but how much should I be eating? I am not looking for muscle growth (not opposed just not a primary concern) but rather just libedo (which drove me for help in the first place) and at best assistance with anxiety (I have a realistic expectation for help on the last issue).

A thousand Calories a day is about the minimum it take to survive long term. Not to be healthy, just not to die.

Are you trying to lose weight? Even for that I doubt you are not eating enough. Not unless you are a very small person. What are you eating, a list would be nice? It is not all about the calories, but no matter what you are eating. With as little as you are eating, you are losing muscle mass and not just fat. The fact that you are not hungry makes me think you have lost a lot of muscle mass already. Dude you are in starvation mode unless you naturally weigh in at a 100lbs

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I looked back, it looks like you were 5’ 10" 140s which is likely your healthy weight. how much weight have you lost?

I found your old topic. Ok dude you look like you’re clinically depress and are being treated for it. Let me do what you are never supposed to do. You are hurting yourself and it may not be an accident. Physically you need a planned diet and you need to stay on it every day, hungry or not hungry. You can not trust the way you feel. Yes you need to work out, even if it is only a long walk every day, but you should do much more. Get outside, you need the sunlight. Your nutrition is a mess, you get little exercise and my guess is you are not in the sun much. You will stay clinically depressed and have anxiety issues as long as you keep doing what you are doing. The drugs you are on, never cure these issues. They just treat the symptoms. Good luck, it all can be dealt with, but you need to do it. Keep your doctors in the loop

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I do have OCD and anxiety. My wife is concerned about the depression issue and I have finally agreed to take an SSRI or SNRI. My diet consists of one two 20oz cokes a day with an ensure in the am and a burger or two eggs and has browns in stead of the burger. As for exercise at the end of may my wife and I started going to the gym 3 days a week. Walk a mile, do 30 - 45 minutes so on the elliptical and then walk another 1/4 mile. Time permitting we do weights, which I do two reps on the chest press and I think the other is a shoulder press. I am in the sun 2-3 hours a day for work when I work with the guys in the field. As for weight I have been around 130 most of my life. After I had quite smoking I was up to 160 and felt great. Went on a cruise ship in April and got sick and started smoking again. Weight has been decreasing since. Think I am at 136.5 when I checked last week. I know I need to eat more but I am not sure what to eat. Perhaps it’s the OCD but when I figure that out it will be in my Google calendar with alarms for reminders. Oh as for being sick I have had a dumb amount of labs and even an MRI of my brain and pituitary gland which came back fine.

My apologies for the lack of manners. Thank you guys for the quick reply.

Your diet is horribly sugar heavy, it might have enough protein in it but probably not and that is it. As close to nutrition free as I have ever seen. You seem to know this because you are taking ensure. Your exercise is good enough, you are outside enough. But your diet, good lord it is very bad.

You need fruit, you need fresh vegetables, you do not need any refined sugar at all stop drinking so much . It should be a treat not the way you get your water everyday. Refined sugar will cause a big insulin reaction and cause low blood sugar. Vitamin supplements would be good for you. I have no idea why you are not constipated. Your diet is fiber free. You need to more than double your intake, stop drinking your calories. That leaves room for a huge quantity of fruit and vegetables by your standards. And have you considered mixing up your proteins a bit? Fish, chicken ,maybe game if you are into that. As far as fats you are getting enough but you could cook with Olive and maybe avocado oil and salads with olive oil dressings are good. And if you need more, beans of all types lentils.

Hint on vegetables as you do not eat them, you might not know what to do with them. Do not over cook and do not fear buttering them and salt to taste. zucchini sauteed in olive oil and light garlic is great

Another hint, find the healthy foods you like and eat them. You are going from nothing good to good food. Do not worry so much about verity.

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Thanks @verne , I feel a lot better now lol. Seriously thank you for your honest opinion. I will cut back to 1 coke a day keep the ensure for breakfast but pack a lunch. Thinking tuna salad sandwich and an apple with some carrots. Also I will start making a proper dinner at home for me and the kids instead of hitting the local coney island. Does this sound like it may help or do I need to do more?

That would be a 1000% improvement.

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Ok, hopefully this provides some relief on the psychology and maybe even aide the trt for the physical side. At least if the anxiety would abate I would know when I am hungry. Thank you again Verne, you are a gentleman, scholar, and I trust an outstanding judge of fine whiskey.

I’m not bad with whiskey

TRT can induce a protein hunger that can be hard to satisfy that might lead to carb snacking if you do not get protien. When I got on whey protein shakes I felf a lot better and at that time training was not an issue.

I bought some protein powder stuff a few months back, I will start using that…damn I might be at 3k calories a day with that…yikes, my poor skinny Greek ass won’t know what to do.

I know that was for grungephreak, but that just started up with me. I will try the protein shakes