Importance of Multivitamin?

Alright…everytime i walk into the GNC, the woman there makes it sound like if i dont take a multivitamin that i’ll wither and die (exagerating, but still, she’s intense)

all it does is turn my piss flourescent…so i just don’t see the point.
Does taking a vitamin daily ACTUALLY have a benefit on a hypertrophy program, or is this woman just full of shit and trying to make a buck for her store?
it sounds nuts to me, but hey, what do i know…

It depends on how great your diet is and the quality of the multivitamin.

If your diet has lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, you might be getting enough vitamins for your body without needing a multivitamin.

There was a T-Nation article a while back that mentioned it is good to take a multivitamin because the quality of food is dropping, and a good multivitamin can help compensate for that.

If you’re deficient in some of the vitamins, it could have benefits for you.

You could also use Superfoods or Greens+, which are powdered fruits and vegetables.

I see the main benefit in a multi being the mineral content; vitamins are easily obtained through diet and are added to many foods, minerals are a bit harder to assure optimal levels of.


[quote]crowbar46 wrote:
… minerals are a bit harder to assure optimal levels of.


yah…didn’t even think of that.
thanks haha

I would reccomend also you try to get either a liquid gel or a straight up liquid Multi. Far better absorbtion into your system.