Importance of mixing protein

How important is it that protein be thoroughly mixed when taken? For instance it seems like hydro 520 is impossible to mix with just a spoon. It seems like it would be ok as long as it gets down into your stomach, then the body would take care of it, but is it actually important to thoroughly mix it before consuming? Thanks

I also would like to see some answers to this. I have a concoction of hydro 520 with 5 g BCAAs/serving and when I mix it in water, there are these big crystals everywhere that just won’t dissolve. I just chug them down. It usually takes me a few shakers of water to get them all in.

Try using an electric hand blender instead of a spoon. They only cost about $10 and work great.

Protein shakes like the designer brand mix with water, milk or juice. I use water and take about 35 grams per shot 3 times a day inbetween meals. If I use more than that I get heavy heart burn. Your bod is only able to absorb so much per hour.
Protein taken in a clean no carb form is best unless you have completed heavy weight training. My closing thoughts are if your protein shake is too hard to mix, try another shake or use a blender. Peace

to get a good mix with a spoon you can add just enough water to make it a thick paste. if you add all the water at once you just end up pushing around powder lumps and making a big mess. once you get a good mix add more water to achieve the right consistency. of course blenders are good too. :o) kevo

Along similar lines, what effect does heating protein have? For example, I can only get protein to mix in nice and thick with oatmeal when I cook the oatmeal first, then put the protein in, stir well, and microwave for another 30 or so seconds. Does this harm the protein?

Im pretty sure that it wont matter wether it is mixed up or not. (I could be wrong but I doubt it)
Just make sure it gets all in and you stomach will do the rest of the work.
When you eat a stake it is never ground down to shake texture is it.- Most of the digestion/breakdown occurs int the GIT
The gastrointestinal tract is very effective at getting nutrients to the brush border where it is absorbed from.

NO it does not matter if you mix it all up or just eat the powder. as far as cooking, a little but only a little, not enough that it would ever realy matter. if you want to add your powder before or after the oatmeal is cooked it realy will not matter. peace