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Importance of Height in Being Big?


This is not to be taken too seriously but if you had to draw a line regarding how short a person can be and still pull off the 'big' look by compensating with muscles, what would it be?

A lot of the top bodybuilders are already short as they are and among ordinary men, they still look like beasts but they were not meant to be beasts. People like the deceased pro-wrestler Andre the Giant were meant to be beasts, regardless of whether they made good of their gifts or not. Consequently, Dorian Yates (admittedly long retired) said he felt like a kid standing next to Mister India (might remember the title slightly wrong) who was huge muscle and bone wise. That's just an example.

I understand very well that bodybuilding is much more complicated than just being big, so don't remind me about all the aesthetic details. I'm talking about sheer intimidation and power.


Okay, I WON'T take it seriously.





You bang a girl yet?


Alffi you are a short pussy. You will never get laid.


Which is a conundrum because I thought all Scandinavians were required to be at least 6 feet.


Proportion, size, intimidation and power are all completely different things.

The moon looks pretty small from here, but I wouldn't want to get hit by it.


And now we know the short bus makes stops in Finland too.


That's a retarded post OP.... "big" is subjective... If your 4 feet tall then almost everyone will look "big" to you.

I will say this though... Tall people piss me off. Walking around like they're so cool cause they're tall. I can't help it that I'm 5'11"... Tall people (6'3"+) piss me off. I hate em!!


At 5'3 I feel pretty short. I have a female coworker who's 6'+ who offers me regular "high fives" just to mock me.


anyone under 6 feet tall is short. shorty. 6'0'' -6'3'' is average. shorty. la la laaaaaa


It sucks that guys get preoccupied with height. I have a friend who's shorter than me and I never think twice about it except when hes pissing and moaning about it.

I know girls like taller dudes but you can easily make up for it in other ways especially if you adopt a good attitude.

But regarding the OP, being short is one problem among many others.

Also he started this exact same thread recently.





Just the swedes. At 6'2" I'm pretty average.

Dutch people are surprisingly short.




I would kick her right in the box and put up a big high five as she's writhing around the floor. Check your company policies to see if being awesome is prohibited first.


.... I missed you.
Because shit like this thread happens in your absence.

I honestly don't know what the hell I just read.




The average male height in Holland is like 6'1". Even the chicks are around 5'9" on average. I don't know if that's short to you, but seeing as you guys are all like 30ft tall I can see your point.


well, the first thing thats obvious is that you are short. Second, you have very little muscle development. And lastly, you have low self- confidence.

To answer your questions dont worry about your height, be as big as you want to be. I get the vibe that you are trying to get big either because you feel you get no respect at your current height or size, And you think all the sudden if you become bigger you will be more intimidating to people and get more respect. That is false.

First off you could be 5 foot 2 and still be intimidating. Intimidation is more about the way you carry yourself and the confidence you have. On the other hand you could be 6'2 270 but that person is a huge pussy and gets picked on all the time.

People with bigger muscles may be intimidating to some but as i said its about personality and the way you carry yourself. You think if you have big muscles you wont be challenged in life? you have to back it up too. Hell some people even look at bigger guys as a target for fights to test themselfs. Being intimidating is like being a badass, you cant only look the part. you got to show you are as well.

So to sum it up: stop being a doorstep and stand up for yourself getting bigger isnt going to change anything if your attitude and outlook on things are the same.