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Importance of Conventional Pulling for Sumo Pullers?

How important is it to incorporate conventional deadlifts in a powerlifting program for those who primarily pull sumo? I always here that sumo deadlifters need to pull conventional to “strengthen their back”. But can you get away with never pulling conventional and still progress on the sumo deadlift? Also, why is it that people always say that sumo pullers need to practice conventional, although it is never the other way around? Thanks.

I’m a conventional puller. I was attempting to make the switch to sumo but just flat out wasn’t as strong. Trained sumo for at least 20 weeks. Made the switch back to conventional two weeks out from my last competition and set a 14lb PR. So even tho you pull primarily sumo, I think doing some conventional is a good thing. You can’t go wrong making your low back, glutes and hammies stronger.

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I am one of those whose back got weaker doing only Sumo deads. I am now doing conventionals only for a few years (one more year to go), after which I’ll do Sumo’s part time.