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Importance of Calf Muscles

How important are calf muscles for weight lifting?

When I graduated highschool and started O lifting full time, I went from 90kilo bdw to 125 kilo bdw. And I still have the calfs of a 90kilo lifter. My question is how important are calfs for balance/posture/support/strength, etc.? We don’t even have a calf machine in the gym.

calf muscles must be of some value as they affect movement of the ankles. :wink:

You don’t need a machine. Overload your bar in the squat rack (more than you can squat) and do calf raises.

You must also remember that calfs are a strange monster in and of themselves.

The problem most ppl have is not in making them strong enough to handle the needed uses but in making them Grow larger for vanities sake.

So as long as you are not worried about the visual aspects and they are getting stronger I wouldnt worry to much. ’

Not saying you should ignore them by any means though. Also very trua statement above. No need for a calf machine if you dont have access. Their are a number of ways in which to wortk them with bars, db’s, and any other weight.

Good luck, hope this helps,

True, you don’t have to have a machine, but you DO need to work the calves in both the straight knee position (standing, donkey calf raises) and the bent knee position (seated calf raise) for maximum development.


i find that going as heavy and as fast as possible in full squats particularly and deadlifts secondarily my calves get hit hard.