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Importance of Bands In DE?


Guys that use westside templates, how important is having bands in your DE squat workouts? I was going to try using DE box squats next cycle. As I dont have bands, I was wondering how much they are suggested. After reading something defranco wrote on bands being very important by speeding up the eccentric, I'm curious as to what everybody else thinks.


Not important at all.

The guys at Westside trained without them for YEARS and it never stopped them.

Sure, having them might make things a bit better, but don't beat yourself up over it!!


Exactly what Hanley said.

People all over the world have gotten strong without them for years. You don't need them at all. Plus the can be hell on your joints if overused.

The are a good tool that is versatile, but they're not necessary.



Bands are huge in box squatting. bands change everything. Box squat with straight weights are good, but if you are looking for overspeed eccentrics, the bands make all the difference. YOU MUST USE A LOOSE SUIT WHEN DOING THSE BECAUSE OF THE JOINT ISSUES.

As for BP, bands really work but the chest/shoulders get killed. Chains are a great alternative. So is less to zero band tension off the chest.

But if you don't have them there are lots of alternatives.



Could you elaborate on the joint issues a little more, Jack? I don't use/have gear so the loose suit isnt an option. I'll be squatting pretty light weights, so I dont know if that changes the equation at all.

Also, my little sister actually has light jumpstretch band for assistance work, so would it be work ordering another one and using it in your opinion? (sorry for being a pest) what about zercher box squats? I have trouble doing back squats for back injury reasons (using dead variations, trap bar, or belt squat for ME work) and zerchers are easier on my back.

As far as bench, I have done a little band work and some chain work and loved it. I'm not going to be lifting at that place during winter, so I was looking at light bands for squatting and working without them for bench. I did REALLY like chains for bench, but it is kinda expensive to buy chain if you dont have it lying around.

another question for all, the racks wont have band pegs, I'm assume just using some dumbbells to hold down the bands works fine?

Thanks to everybody that has/will respond. Very helpful.


Chain shouldn't be that expensive at like Home Depot, a cheap carbineer to link the small chain shouldn't be that expensive either.


What color is the band your sister has?

You can do zercher box squats, and using a light band to start is good. Even compression shorts would work here.

My chains are from home depot as is the dog chain i use for a leader and the cheap caribiner i use to set the chains up.

i don't use this stuff all the time.



the "light" jumpstretch band (purple).

thanks for the reply. I'd never really heard of someone using zerchers on a box, so I figured I'd ask people with some experience.


If you have bands, or have access to bands, they are a great tool. Not only do they speed up the eccentric which in turn will speed up the concentric, they also force you to push all the way through at the top.

As for the importance, you can still make great gains without the use of bands. But if you can afford them why not buy them and get even more out of your training?


They're important enough that the greatest powerlifters in the world are using them.

Why even ask anyone else? The bands aren't that expensive. Go buy a couple already.


While doing DE work, they are very important. Without them, the weight will build up momentum, and you will be forced to decellerate the weight before the top of the movement, which is the opposite of what you want. Chains also work well, as well as reverse band press. Just try and use SOME kind of accomidating resistance while doing DE work.

For ME work though, you can definately get by without them.