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Import From Elitefts

I’m going to buy some bands and various other items (e.g. dvd’s) from elite fts and I was wondereing if anyone knows if you have to pay import tax on every item or on the delivery as a whole?

I live in England and when my friend bought a set of bands he had to pay ?40 import tax.

Just wondering if anyone knows the situation? As i don’t want to pay ?40 per item!

many thanks


why don’t you ask them?? send your question in on their ask a question section and look for the answer in the questions answered

I’ve bought from Elite and had to pay import tax, I can’t see any way around it.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,

I don’t see how it makes any difference if you pay tax on every item or on the delivery as a whole. Surely it all adds up to the same amount of tax. Maybe I am just misunderstanding you?


From what I remember, Customs & Excise charge ?40 for the inspection of a parcel, so if all the items come in one parcel I think you only get charged once, whereas multiple parcels get charged separately.

Thanks for clearing that up Joe. I have to say that customs have never charged me 40 quid to inspect a parcel. I have quite a few things from companys in the US, including Biotest, Netrition, Ironmind and Iron Woody. In fact on some of the smaller orders (just under a hundred dollars) I haven’t had to pay any tax. Am I just lucky?


The import charge occurs on goods over a certain price or size. Hence, you can order a small item and pay nothing. Paying a one off price regardless of the size does ring a bell. Now go order those bands alwayslearning; cause I’m going to nick them off you and become soooo much stronger than you… mawahaha!

thanks for the input guys very much appreciated

kev_pl1 sure thing ill be waiting for you at the squat rack with your PB as a warm up :slight_smile: