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Implications with Quitting Cycle Cold Turkey?


Started my first cycle and may have overdone it...

Frontloaded with a gram of test, and was planning on 750mg for 8 weeks.

I am thinking I pulled the trigger too quickly and am not feeling myself...Feel like pure shit after both injections, the chills, headaches, pain causing me not to be able to train.

I also started having some heart papiltations due to the anxiety. Not cool.

I am also 21 and I don't think this is right for me.

I have my PCT supplies and was wondering if I could just quit the test cold turkey now and be fine or if I needed to run a small PCT.I'm also worried about possibly fucking up my endocrine system for the rest of my life, but keep in mind I only poked twice. Once last Tuesday (1 gram test e) and then my second injection on Friday (375 mg). Should I be seen by a doctor?

Thanks guys, I really don't want to fuck myself up and I don't think this is right for me. I wish I had my head screwed on a little tighter when I bought the shit a few weeks back, plain and simple I fucked up.

All advice welcome. Thanks


No PCT needed.

3 injections will not shut you down.


Have you read about test flu before? I'm not saying continue your cycle, as I don't feel that it's my place to tell a grown man what to do with his body, but feeling like shit after the first few jabs isn't uncommon. If you ride it out for a week or so, there's a decent chance you'll come around.

Good luck, either way.


are you sure it's just test? doesnt seem like test should give immediate sides like that...


My God, you did a gram in one injection? That must've been a bitch.


gotta be a fukn typo... 1g of test E in one shot? whats that 5cc's???!??!?


Usually 4ccs... I've done it too, only with some mild soreness

Test E i can tolerate fine. Prop is what kills me, even at small ammounts


You guys do realize that it's possible to do 4 shots in 4 different sites, at one time, right?

I assumd that most people would figure that out.