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Implementing Whey Protein into IF Regimen


I am planning to implement whey protein into my nutrition regimen. I follow intermittent fasting, and am serving overseas in the Air Force so for convenience purposes I head to the gym right after work. My schedule is as follows:

12:30: Break My Fast
3:30 or 4:30 Begin my Workout (depending on when I get off work)
5:45-6:30 Final Meal

I am thinking of making a protein shake consisting of whey, cinnamon, and honey. Beginning to sip that 15 minutes before my workout and through out my workout. What do you guys think? Would you advise another method. I'd like to note I hit all my macros with my two meals, I just thought that this may make a difference. My end goal is a slow lean bulk. If you don't think it does, then I'll reconsider and just save the money. The only supplements I take are Opti-Multi vitamin, fish oil, and vitamin D.


Another option I was pondering was if the whey protein isn't necessary, than maybe I could just sip on BCAAs throughout the day. Something that is recommended on the leangains website. Just trying to see what would be best when following an intermittent fasting protocol.


So 238 views on this topic and not one single comment? I was just hoping to get some input on whether or not to implement a protein shake (24g whey, cinnamon, honey) pre/intra workout, and then head to eat my post workout meal after working out. I break my fast at 12:30 and sometimes don't make it to the gym till 4:30.

Or would I get better results from ditching the whey (due to hitting my protein macro) and sip on BCAAs during the hours 7-12:30 (till I break my fast). Or would optimal results come from combining the two. My goals as stated are to focus on body recomp, with a slow lean bulk.


Try it and see how you go. If nothing else it will be some calories which don't need to consumed in a meal. Which may not sound like a bonus but if you're trying to bulk in 2 meals you'll appreciate it.


Appreciate the advice, I'll see how it goes after a couple of weeks and will be sure to post my results.


Whey protein promotes glutathione production in the liver since whey has a lot of cysteine in it. Glutathione is sometimes considered a beneficial "detox" amino acid, so having a lot of it around while doing intermittent fasting should be a good thing. I like to time my whey to right before the fast starts so the glutathione levels in my liver are higher. I have no idea if that actually does anything or not, though!


Hmmm this is all news to me. I never heard of any studies regarding cysteine and the effects it has on the liver. Do you have any sources, so that I can read up more on this? I am wondering if the benefit are truly significant or its negligible. I have heard studies that fasting already is great way to allow your body to detox on its own. Since you are sleeping for the majority of the fast, and that is when most of the healing/detoxing processes take place. Thanks in advance for the tip, and look forward to learning more about this.


lol, some of the stuff on this nutrition board is just bizarre.


Here's a quick overview: http://www.livestrong.com/article/328741-glutathione-cysteine/
Everything you wanted to know about glutathione: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glutathione