Implementing Var On and Off for 16 Week Cycle

Would there be any bad in doing a VAR+Test E cycle like this:

Week 1-4: VAR @100mg + Test E @ 300mg
Week 4-8: Test E @ 300mg + milk thistle (or something else for the liver)
Week 8-16: VAR @ 100mg + Test E @300mg


You won’t need that high of a dose, but otherwise that’s a good way to run it.

I agree with Iron on the dosage. I also like to keep orals a 6 weeks max due to the lipid damage. No particular reason other than I hear that length regurgitated a lot and I figure less is better when you tank your HDL.

75mg then?

If your source is legit? 50mg for six weeks should work wonders for you.

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I always wondered how people run anavar@100mg. That must be shit expensive and fast.