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Implementing Rest Pause in Strength Training

I was thinking the same thing. I have just started the 915 programme and was wondering how you could implement this too

That is a lot of questions for one post, put in a very complicated way too. And what’s with the image instead of posting regular text? It comes out with super small caracters. I almost didn’t read you post because of that.

I’ll still try to address it as best as I can.

First it is fine to do one or several movements every day (some of my programs used a “high frequency strength section” in which key lifts were trained daily. BUT intensity and volume have to be carefully managed, You must use an “easy strength” approach in which every rep in the high frequency lift is done with a weight you can dominate and with a RPE (rate of perceived effort) of about 7/10… or a weight you could do for about 3 reps more than you are actually doing.

The way I see your program the second lift is the one trained hard. The isolation work should be done for that exercise… in other words pic exercises that will target the muscles involved in that movement and train it with rest/pauses.

Also try to avoid doing isolation rest/pause work for a muscle that will be involved in he training the next day. For example I hope that you have a rest day between days 2 and 3 as doing upper back/lats work might decrease your deadlift performance by making it harder to keep the bar close to the body. Fatiguing the upper back will also make it harder to maintain a solid posture when front squatting.

You can’t add isolation work to failure with 915… the program itself is already of a very high stress level, To have any chance of making it work you’d have to drop one of the assistance exercises and replace it with the isolation work.

Thank you for your response and I apologize for the confusing/long question. Im not sure about the text either I haven’t had that before when posting on the forums. Your answer to my question was very thorough and I feel fairly confident going into this program.

Instead of performing a rest pause set twice a weak for the upper back would it make sense to add face-pulls with bands and/or band pullaparts between the main lifts to build the upper back and maintain shoulder health? Would this approach opposed to the rest pause for the upper back minimize loss in performance on the deadlift or in maintaining proper position in the front squat?

Once again thank you so much for your advice!

Hi coach, I was thinking of finishing the last 2 sets of the 4x6-8 assistance in weeks 1-3 with rest pause. In hindsight I can see how it definitely wouldn’t work from weeks 4-9.
Thank you for your time

And as I mentioned In the past, rest/pause and failure work should better be left to exercises that are not stressful on the CNS as failure work and rest/pause will tax the CNS even more.