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Implementing Pause Squats

Starting a programme containing a lot of pause squatting but never tested a max on pause squats unlike high bar or front squats. From my regular low bar squat, where would it be wise to start load for pause squatting? E.g. Pause Squat 1Rm = 75% 1RM of Low Bar.

I know doing estimations isn’t exact. That why they’re estimations, if you know of any literature, that’d be great but anecdotal experience is probably going to be best here.

Start with the bar. Add 25 or 45 per side each set until you reach a difficult weight. Same approach as other exercises.


We always started at 60% but depending on how long you pause and how much you rely on the stretch reflex and how stable you are in the hole and where they fit into yoir program and… well you get the point… see pwnisher’s post.