Implementing New Types of Contractions

After listening to your recent podcast I noticed that I have been neglecting contractions other than concentric as well as doing sets which are quite short. Would the following be a good way to implement some new contractions -

A) first main lift - 10 sec isometric hold - then reps
B) second main lift - super slow eccentric reps
C/d/e isolation work - a mixture of holds, eccentrics, long TuT sets

Thanks Ct

Yes… you could also do the opposite of A… do your reps and finish with an iso hold… the first method improves mind-muscle connection the second allows you to lift heavier and maximize muscle fiber fatigue

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That’s what I was thinking, I chose iso first on the first lift to set up the mind muscle connection for tbr rest of the workout.

I was also thinking about combing approaches, so on the first set doing slow eccentrics and initial iso to activate mtor and get the mind muscle connection, then the following sets would be iso at tbe end

Thank you coach

I actually did that a while ago. I called it “The methods method” (never wrote about it). We would do 1-2 sets with iso holds, 1-2 sets with slow eccentrics and 1-2 sets with partials AND iso added at the end of the sets