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Hi everyone, I was wondering what everyone thought I should say in this situation. My girl has small breasts and she has said a few times that she would like to get implants. I tell her that it’s up to her and that I like her the way she is. The thing is I too would like her get them, but I dont want to upset her. Any ideas on what I should say the next time the subject comes up.

Tell it this:

“Do it for yourself!”

They all say that when you ask them why (I did it for myself). Use Vanity to your advantage!

(I hope you’re not the financer. I’d hate to finance these, girl breaks up, and every other dumbass enjoys it afterwards. Nobody wishes that scenario, but nowadays anything is possible. Your call, Man!)

You are saying JUST the right thing. It’s got to be totally her decision, without much of any input from you, and then afterwards you can tell her how great they are and how glad you are she did it.

When I had mine done that’s exactly what my husband did and it was, in the end, the best way for him to have handled the situation. I was frustrated with him for not really seeming to have much of an opinion about it when I was trying to decide, but now I am glad that I can say that it was my choice, just for me, not in any way for him only. And I am very happy with the choice that I made and I think his coolness helped make that so. You love her for who she is, not how big her breasts are or are not, and the love part gets mixed up in the appearance part if you start discussing it very much.

You’re saying just the right thing. Just keep that point of view - you love her like she is, or if she wants to have augmentation, or if she doesn’t, it doesn’t matter at all to you, she’s beautiful no matter what. That’s your best perspective!

Just say something to the effect of you find her attractive the way she is and she doesn’t need to get them.

But if she wants them, you’ll support that decision.

Then offer to help her find a place to get a set of righteous huge knockers.

Get moving! Huge breasts await.

Your question is valid:
My comments, and two cents:
It kind of depends on her body morphology too. Does she have a realistic self-image? Is she petite or not? Does she want to get a bigger chest followed by a better-looking boyfriend? It’s a tricky minefield to walk across, especially if you aren’t sure of the future of your relationship.

If you read this week’s issue of t-mag, you’ll note a very good article/rant on breast size. Read it if you haven’t seen it. The author is a genius.
I know there aren’t many guys who don’t like a nice set of breasts to look at/play with. But, as with all surgery, you both should discuss the risks. Her doctor and plastic surgeon will of course discuss the anesthetic as well as surgical risks, but keep in mind the mortality rate for any surgical anesthetic procedure is 1 in 100,000. Many people don’t like those odds. Then you have to discuss material of choice these days, and the “long term” safety of the implant contents.
I’ve dealt with many patients who have gotten implants, as well as several who had them removed. The psychological considerations cannot be underestimated. I’ve also been a part of a plastics team who did 40 or so breast augmentations, and I can honestly say that both the boyfriend/husband and girlfriend/wife were all very pleased. I think if you are a bit objective and supportive of your squeeze, you’ll come to a decision that you are both happy with.

Personally, I think large hooters look great on some women, but give me an athletic body type (and the normal size breasts that go with it) and the turn-on is intense. But, that’s me. Those ultra-large funbags you see these days on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale are just not even amusing anymore.

“It isn’t enough to be right. You have to DO right”. - me

Well, the psychological side of this is tricky, as you well know. Hopefully you’ve read the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. If not, you should BOTH read it.

Now if she’s secure and all that, then you’re right by saying what has been suggested – make it totally HER decision.

The wife-side of a couple who is good friends of ours (couldn’t come up with a better way to say that, sorry) had implant surgery a couple years ago. She is beyond petite, to the point of ultra skinny. Tiny. Not quite famine victim skinny, but not too far from it. Any way, she didn’t go with the huge melons you mostly see and know right away are not natural. Gives her more of an athletic appearance. She’s over 40, they’ve had their children (2 girls that are the most well adjusted kids I’ve ever met).

I talked with the husband once about the whole implant thing. His put was basically this – She had counselled with some people that they both trust, some of which had also had implants, and had made the decision totally on her own, and with his support (but he genuinely had no opinion prior). However, now that she has them, he “is having a lot of fun” with the results.

And that’s all I got to say on that.

Just seconding all you’ve read so far.

Make it completely HER decision and crystal clear that you like/love/accept her regardless.

DO NOT finance it. Even if you currently have joint finances, be sure that the boobs come out of “her” EXTRA money.

Read the book brider mentioned and discuss with her the entire psychological ramifications of ALL the possible outcomes.

Both of you should visit implantinfo.com for support/knowledge.

Research research RESEARCH her doctor (assuming she decides to go for it).

Be as supportive as humanly possible during the recovery phase.


Do a BFL (Breasts for Life) results thread. Don`t forget the pictures! ;0)

Seriously, hope everything turns out fine. Dont know which type of surgery she will go through, but if she has the one where the implant is place under the pec muscle, consider that she wont be able to use her arms at all for 3-4 days. Consider synchronizing one of your vacation weeks with the surgery+recuperation period. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

thanks for the advice everyone.