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Impatient & Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis


Anyone have any experience with plantar fasciitis? I can barely walk because of the pain in my right heel. I have been icing it, and I gave up all running, sprinting, and jumping rope. I am still squatting, deadlifting, etc. since that doesn't seem to be painful. I have also been trying to stretch my calves and hamstrings more. But I am impatient and was wondering how long I can expect this to last. Feeling frustrated by it.

What should I be doing to speed my recovery?
How long can I expect this to last?

Thanks in advance for any and all input.


Go to a foot Doc and get fitted for an orthotic foot pad. Worked wonders for me. I also had to start leeping with my feet hanging off the end of the bed.


I've got about 4 years in now . I feel your pain brother . here's what I believe to be the truth .

  • Dr. Sholls type products/gel heel-pads...dont waste your time and money .

  • Good Feet products....not sure . I didnt pursue this option .

  • cortosone treatments.....never pursued this option either . I didnt hear any positives on this though .

  • Ice vs. heat ..... ice after a long day on your feet only . 15 minutes , followed with heat and stretching . the ice will bring down the inflammation some , but makes the whole foot extremely stiff . the heat pulls blood into the trauma area , aiding recovery . Ive left my heat-pad on for 1.5 hours already , but I've never seen that amount of time recommended .

  • anti-inflammatories......not something I want to rely on long term. best I got out of them was for them to "take the edge off" .

*Gen Prac MD.........not gonna be able to help much

*Podiatrists/orthotics.......this is an important part of the formula . my custom-made orthotics provided immediate relief . 80% less pain within a few days ; 95% in a month or two. quite effective . but the catch is that they do not last forever . I've recently learned that 5 to 8 years is the expected life-span , depending on the obvious . for runners that life-span is in the 1 to 3 year range . I'm about to get re-cast for my second set ; after getting 4 years out of the first set . I've seen negative references towards orthotics , but I dont recall where or why .

  • high end sports trainers/doctors.....I didnt have access to this option , but probably worth checking out.

*A.R.T.......another important part of the formula . after 5 treatments , I notice a remarkable improvement . I highly recommend this . I almost blew a load the first time...it felt that good . my female Chiro is kinda hot too ....well , never mind that . I drive 50 minutes each way , but in my experience it's worth it . I just did a full PL'ing meet yesterday , so I probably reversed the progress bar a bit ; so we'll see how it feels tomorrow after a full shift on my feet .
If you pay attention to how an ART practioner stretches and works your foot , you can learn from him/her and apply some of that to doing it yourself . but you cant duplicate it exactly though .

  • I'm about 98% sure that the condition will not go away on it's own . I could be wrong though . and the longer you fuck around with it , the worse it gets . so if you start running again and your feet start hurting with orthotics that need replacing , dont screw around with it .

  • I'm also about 98% sure that the orthotics combined with the ART is the ticket to getting back to normal . the orthotics correct the mechanicals of the foot , while the ART reduces the soft tissue damage .

*things I avoid......walking bare-footed , ladders , sprinting/running (especially on grass/sand), worn out sneakers .

Good luck


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Thanks. Great input!


I agree about the previous post. I had the same problem several years ago. I got a pair of custom orthotics and along with stretching excercises I haven't had any issues in years. The best and easiest way is to use a tennis ball, roll your foot along the arch several times a day. It works very well and will cost you a few bucks.


I had the or I occasionally have the same exact problem. Not as bad though.
I asked my massage therapist about the pain and "cramping" in my foot/heel, she told me what it was, explained what was causing it and we worked on massaging it out while I was there. Boy did that HURT!!
She did recommend arches in my shoes...I wear flat Puma's for kettlebell workouts...

I massage the area when I feel it coming on. I mean, I massage the hell out of the area! And it never fails to go away. Slowly, but it subsides and goes away.
I'm with csman, it's cheaper to use your hand or a tennis ball or anything you can get your hands on to make the pain subside! A massage therapist works wonders!!
Good Luck!