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Impact Whey Unmixable


Hi everyone,
My latest order of choc mint impact whey protein seems pretty much unmixable, unlike previous bags which have been fine. Has anyone had a similar problem with recent orders?

I spoke to them on the phone and they said that they have changed the supplier and asked me to send a sample.



Haven't ordered from them in a while, so I can't say I have.

I wish Biotest sold MD here, it would be a definite staple for me.


You can find it from UK 3rd parties, it's just a lot more expensive unfortunately...


Is this the MyProtein stuff? If so, I bought my 5KG bag 6 weeks ago, unflavoured and mixes perfectly. Not sure if this is before or after the supplier change so sorry if this isn't of help.


bought a couple kilos less than 2 weeks ago, mine is also fine.


Yeah, price is definitely an issue.


If you can't find Biotest products on that side of the pond you could try Optimal Nutrition's whey.


Yeah it was bought from myprotein. I've not had the promised email containing the returns address or a returns 'sample number' yet..

The sticker on the bag puts the manufacturing date as 18th May 2011 and the batch no as 6773.

Thanks for the heads up on other suppliers. Thatt Biotest stuff looks reasonably priced so I'll give them a shot if myprotein don't offer an exchange after their 'testing'.


If you're willing to spend the money, Biotest (who runs this site) Metabolic Drive and Grow! are hands down the best protein powder I've ever used.


Are you using the concentrate or isolate?
I received a bag of isolate yesterday and it mixes fine.


i got 5kg last thursday of strawberry cream and mine mixes fine also