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Impact of Relationships/Marriage on T Levels

I’ve read a lot lately about how committed relationships lower T levels in men.

I was looking at my T bloodwork over the past 2+ years, with probably close to 15 tests.

Then I realized, my T is in the mid 500 range (used to be high 500) when I’m single or just starting something, and in the mid/high 400’s when I’m in a relationship (not just “dating”).

I was shocked. This many data points line up perfectly to my relationship status for over 2 years.

If this is legitimate, it’d explain a LOT of my poor behavior, trouble at work, moodiness, and more while in a relationship.

Considering I really like my girlfriend, I guess it might be time to get out of this lousy 400s hole then!

Can you also correlate with hitting the gym with less frequency? Letting your diet slip a bit more? Etc.

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Oddly I used to hit 590 2 years ago while not lifting, and 560 is my best now while lifting and nutrition are on point.

You might have a point with this.

Edit: my diet and fitness (as mentioned above) were worse than now 2 years ago, and I hit 590. I didn’t lift, and my diet involved ordering food every meal, as cheaply as possible. My zinc was bordering on low from lack of protein. Zinc is now well within range, and I track macros/micros daily.

This is a good point. You have shown correlation, but causation would need much more evidence.

I suggest if you like you gf, don’t break up on the hope of better levels.


I’ll also add that in a previous post I (stupidly) “tried” a single injection of T cyp, and did not expect anything except horrible side effects (I assumed my libido would tank from the E2). Couple days later my libido was noticeably higher than normal. And by some miracle she and I did some B2B sessions, which hasn’t happened in years to me, no matter what supplement or how many PDE5 inhibitors I try. I can’t prove the latter was exactly related, but there was a clear difference in libido and erectile function.

Being in a relationship (like getting married) can result in a T drop for men, and a rise for the woman. It’s a standard reaction.

It lowers your bank account and raises stress levels… I know that much


On one of the TOT roundtables they talked about how it even drops further when being around children.
There are two theories, they my both be true, for the T drop in relationships. 1. It drops so men are more likely to stay with the family and help it survive, 2. T is higher when there is a need to “hunt” for a partner.

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I explained this all to my girlfriend and that was her fear…higher T would mean I’d be on the hunt. Really just exploring it so I feel better (most important), so I can be a better man for her, and be a better boss at work!

I’d be curious too how quickly it can fluctuate.

It just leaves me wondering how much. I can’t find any studies showing any sort of numbers.

Although in the posts above, I used to never work out, ate takeout, and hit almost 600. Now even with a periodic slip in diet and exercise while in a relationship, I can’t hit 500.

Her natural reaction will be to stuff you under a rock and destroy anything about you appealing to the world. Once they succeed and your a big pile of dung, they find new fun boy to destroy. They are lovely creatures :wink:. The longer you are in it the fatter and more unhealthy you become since your entire focus is on pleasing her versus yourself. Add a kid to that equation and you get to become one thing in the house. Provider. That kid will replace you 90% of the time and if she’s a freakout type mom, she will punish you every time he/she’s an asshole and then any last drop of affection she has will go to he/she when she gets over feeling guilty about being mean to them. Oh, and she will blame you for her whole world sucking and not getting the Disney World experience. Yea marriage is great :).

Yes, woman suck the life out of you if you let them. Been there done that to many times. My dad had a great word for them. Dream killers. Thank god I finally mastered how to protect myself. Oh wait, I am low T and skinny fat. Guess I still have more to learn! :wink:

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That sounds dramatic. Good not everyone has your experience however…