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Impact of Gaps in Eating?

I have a question regarding gaps in eating…
Typical scenario for me is:

Sunday - go training ~4pm, with protein shakes before/after, followed by a normal meal (protein, carbs, veggies) at 6pm. Before bed maybe a pot of 0% fat cottage cheese.

Monday - shake after getting up, followed by eggs, muesli, fruit for breakfast at 8am.
Because of my job travels and customer meetings, no chance to eat again before 3pm - a 6-7 hour gap.

With long gaps like this, what happens with ‘muscle building’?
Does the body just take a breather, and resume growth when it next gets some food?
Or, does it stop growth dead in its tracks till next time…? Does it make sense to pile in the protein after such a long gap?

Shoot man - I go without eating for most of the day sometimes, but if I eat a ton before going to bed I still grow. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I think if you eat within the window between lifting weights and becoming detrained (about two weeks) you’ll be okay. More food is obviously better, but 6-7 hours isn’t going to knock you off track.

#1. You should do everything you can to limit the gaps (you can’t even fit in a MRP bar between meetings?).
#2. It does no good to “load up” on protein in an attempt to compensate for the gap.