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Impact Knee Injury

I slipped up a flight of stairs the other day and whacked my right knee into a marble step. I RICEd for the first two days after with high strength anti inflamatories and switched to contrast showers/baths and curcumin two days ago. I have very minimal bruising or swelling. The impact site is just right of the patella on the lateral side, it has a bit of road rash but no bruising or swelling. The only bruising is around the medial meniscus, but there is no swelling and a little associated pain there.

The knee hurts the most on the lateral side below the patella, but not too bad…more annoying than anything.

I can stand on it and walk, but my gait seems a little funny and I’m getting some associated discomfort in my ankle and hip.

I’ve got a lot of snap, crackle and pop when standing up or bending my knee. The patella seems like it’s in place and tracking ok.

Overall I would say it has been improving, but I’m feeling pretty cautious at the moment. Is there any way to tell if this is something that TLC will fix or should I get some images asap? I’m usually pretty good at telling when to see a doc right away with an injury, but this one is throwing me for a bit of a loop.

I would say yes. Better safe than sorry

[quote]rehanb_bl wrote:
I would say yes. Better safe than sorry[/quote]

Yeah, I think I’m leaning that way.