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'Immune to Exercise' Article, Desensitization



Hey coach,
Your today's article is on point for me since I am kind of okay with my physique (still not heavy enough tho) but quite disappointed with my lack of progress with the iron. When I read other's people (with similar experience) numbers on these forums, I believe that I started pretty good from nothing for the first year, but now everything has been so slow for the last 2 years, it's ridiculous. And my joints certainly hate me for being stubborn with heavy pressing and few pulling exercises.
Goals are gaining mass and strength, along with caring about my joints.
Nutrition is the best I've been having, and I sleep 8-9h/night

So as I'm moving from France to the US for at least 6 months-probably 2 years for a whole new job, I've sold all my weights 3 weeks ago and only kept playing football and did bodyweight training with rings. Lots of bw pulling... Unsurprisingly my body responded well to long sets, pulling much more and high frequency, which relates to "training the opposite way".
Since I'm moving very soon and will join a gym in July, that would be another 3-4 weeks with zero training this time...

Is a full rest the best option here with all the stress moving out? Only finding chinups spots maybe? What is the best Come-back strategy after a 6-8 weeks long break?


Hey CT. Not sure if this is the official thread for today’s article.
My question was for the spec training where you focus on one movement/muscle 3x a week and desensitize the rest of the body…
Is it OK to add a technique like rest pause to the non focused muscles or would this be too much and also take away from the Spec and I should just focus on straight sets 4x6 ?

I’m doing a similar spec as you outlined in another thread focus on shoulders:
Day 1 heavy
Day 2 rest of the body
Day 3 growth factor delts (the one in your article)
Day 4 off
Day 5 growth factor delts (width focus)
Day 6 rest of body
Day 7 off



Looks like this is the official thread to this article…otherwise don’t pay attention to my post.

“Desensitization” is not something one should think about when he uses the 'shock 'approache. The deload only plays a role in a long term program like wendlets 5/3/1 and not for shock programs like layer system where you have automatically after 6-12 weeks a phase of light training?

Thanks CT


Is desensitization something most intermediate lifters need to worry about or is it something that only people putting up very heavy weights with very high volume should be concerned about?

I’m not sure I’m expressing myself well here. Compared to the normal, commercial gym, population I lift heavy (300+ bench(barely), close to 500 squat, 500+ deadlift) and regularly. That said, I only workout 1 to 1.5 hours at a time, 4-5 times a week. I rarely max out, almost never go to failure, and avoid grinding out reps for the most part. Long walks on off days. Now, I also work very long and stressful hours and generally get 5-7 hours a night of sleep at best. I eat 5-6 meat egg or whey meals a day but im not as on point with my peri workout as i should be.

Considering that broad, and overly wordy, description, is desentization something that could happen to someone like me? If I had to guess, many of your readers would be at a similar level as me in regard to experience, strength and lifestyle.

Thanks in advance and always appreciate your input.