Immune to 19-Nor?

Keeping this short and sweet. Diet=clean Calorie surplus. Protein high (1.5xlb). Training is good. Personal trainer to help focus on my weak spots. Push pull legs. And 6-9 hours of sleep daily. I am on 350mg of test prop a week. I am running an AI. And I started off using tren ace 700mg a week. I had no sides. No acne. No insomnia. No strength gain. Nothing. So after two weeks I tried different lab. I gave them two weeks. Still no difference. No sides. No strength. Just lots of anger and sometimes a little sweat. I tried a different lab AGAIN and same situation. Week 6 now and 3 different tren aces. All 3 give no sides. All three coming from reputable sources and no strength gains or anything. Like I said. Diet is good. Training is good. Rest is good. Rotating injection spots and doing everything correct. Truly lost at this point. What is going on? Am I immune to 19-nor compounds??? All three sources from SST top rated domestic labs.

Are you getting results? (Muscular hypertrophy)

Response is individualistic, I’ve heard of this before… rare, but supposedly some just don’t respond to tren

Almost certainly genetic. Just like how those who have poor cyp2d6 metabolic function simply don’t respond to codiene, they might take 400mg… nothing, no conversion to morphine

I am in the process of running my first tren ace cycle, which is also from a source I trust and have used on numerous occasions. I started on 300mg pw for the first week then experienced hypoglycemia, then I found a solution to the problem and carried on with the cycle. I wasnt getting any insomnia, night sweats, hair loss, acne, mental issues or anything of that sort, the only issue I encountered was that hypoglycemia and slightly red cheeks.

Anyway I am now around half way though week three and have worked my way up to 560mg pw. Injecting every day in the PM. Still zero strength gains and no pump inside or outside of the gym, I have had a bit of fat loss around my midsection with no movement on the scale whatsoever. I have been eating clean vegan at my maintenance calories and completely cut cardio out for the time being. I feel good and libido is sky high, also haven’t needed to use any caber or AI yet. I guess us unfortunate few just aren’t destined for the nectar of the Gods. I feel like I’ve just forked out my hard earned cash on the worlds most expensive fat burner. I’ve considered upping the dose more but since as it’s my first time running tren I guess it would be irresponsible and not worth the potential sides from such a high dosage. And I dont want to have to crack open my bottle of caber, that shits getting sold/swapped for some good old reliable dbol for next time.

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You vegan?


I’m vegan in the sense that I don’t get any vegene


Me and my girlfriend are yes but we still give our 14 month old son chicken and eggs. I also enjoy free range eggs once or twice a week and I dont think that will ever change. No dairy, whey or meat whatsoever as of this year though and we plan to stick at it.

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The tren is probably working. Your just one of the lucky ones who can keep pumping the dosage higher .

I am able to pump the tren high without many problems, and the recomp gains are insane.

Remember, since tren is recomping you like mad and burning through everything at an accelerated rate that could cancel out the potential strength gains

The only thing that scares me is that hypoglycemia coming back, I’ll get another blood test done to check I’m not diabetic then maybe up the dose to 700mg. I feel it working in the sense that I get out of breath walking around, crazy dreams, steady fat loss without cardio and my testes are the size of skittles… just not in terms of strength, pumps or aggression which is what I wanted and expected. I don’t even feel driven to lift, I need to drag my ass to the gym when on my previous cycles I was itching to go. I think I could run up to a gram a week with no mental sides or high blood pressure but just dont want to mess with caber unless I really have to.

Tren really make s it hard for me to get to the gym sometimes as well.

Hypo - this is just the tren. It burns through everything which is why you have to keep your carbs super fucking high.

Always keep some gummy bears or chocolate in your bag while you are out or at the gym. Really helps.

I think I might just be expecting too much too quickly. I started this cycle at 110kg - after cutting down from a whopping 119kg (thanks dbol) So I can hardly expect to see veins popping yet. Here is my pre-cycle morning pic and as you can see I’m quite thick and have a fair amount of timber to shift before I get near that shredded look. I’m only 23 so still got time, I just beat myself up when I don’t see the progress I want. Patience is something I know I struggle with hence why I’m using tren

Hypo doesn’t mean the tren is burning through everything… it means it’s fucking up you’re glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity to the point where you’re body can’t maintain homeostasis regarding blood sugar control… otherwise known as… diabeties lol

There are a HOST of complications (which some will prove lethal 10-20 years down the line) that can stem from uncontrolled type 2 diabeties. But then again you won’t be diabetic for 20 years lol

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Except what appears to be the development type 2 diabeties, insane sex drive (to the point of contemplating/acting on fantasies of an open relationship whilst straining you’re 8 year relationship, angry thoughts/dreams “I want to fucking kill people that step in front of me etc.”, vivid/scary dreams, probably a fucked up lipid profile, profound damage on a cellular level inducing long term damage etc”

I apologise if it seems I’m being a dick, just pointing out that there are more sides than you may perceive/realise


So my mother was recently diagnosed with type 2, she’s having a gastric bypass to remove type 2 which is a 98% of doing so on January 20th. My grandma also had type 2. She lived and ate clean and she had no issues. So are you saying that the reason tren isn’t working is that I’m type 2 already? My family has been very non active and eat horribly. I am polar opposite but now this concerns me

Perhaps, check glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity… randomly going hypo despite adequate carb intake is a very good sign of type 2 diabeties (developing or developed)

Don’t forget leg day brother

(Only joking, pls don’t be offended :heart:)

@jaykay haha no offence taken, but I see what you mean, I’ve always kinda neglected them :stuck_out_tongue: they have somewhat grown during this cycle but calves are still lagging behind. I had a shoulder tendon injury which is (90% healed now) so been hitting legs harder than usual recently, just so I feel like the cycle was put to good use. I took this picture this morning and compared to the first pic theres a tiny bit of progress. I have been injecting into my legs a lot and it’s been helping me really squeeze them when doing leg extensions

You have a tear in your boxers lad xD

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It’s the hole where your Johnson peeps out from when taking a piss Haha, I dont know why they manufacture them like that, I have never once used it. Come to think of it I dont know anyone that has, sort of an awkward question to ask though :laughing:

I read this as tear… like crying type tears

Thinking “is there a trickle of pre ejaculate visible in the photo”

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