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Immune System Strengthening

Dear T-men
My best friends father has a muscle wasting illness and I recommended L-glutamine in high doses I just don’t know how much and what protocol? Any thoughts?
I suggested things to boost his immune system (i.e. Vit C, L-glutamine, Zn/Mg) Any Suggestions? Money is no issue this man has all his senses but is dying. Please any natural supplementation recommendations you know of will help.
I really respect all your advice and one last thing I live-in Australia so only legal supplements are possible.
Thanks in advance

What kind of muscle wasting illness does your best friends father have? Often muscle wasting can be caused by something related to the inability to eat enough and/or get enough nutrition…stomach problems for example. So if this is it would be difficult to make supplement recommendations.

DHEA is pretty important for immune function, and low levels are associated with many ailments. Might pay to get his levels checked. If they need boosting he will need a ‘permit’ from the from the dictocrats at TGA to import DHEA. However you can order 7-keto DHEA, a non-androgenic metabolite of DHEA, with no problems. smart-drugs.net are a reliable source.
Other things that might be worthy of consideration- plentiful intake of good fats, grass-fed meat, whey/casein protein powder, high levels of B-complex, Noni juice.
If money is no issue then I would recommend Life Extension Mix (fantastic multi-vitamin/mineral/herbal supplement) and large doses of arginine (best ordered from Life Extension Foundation or Jomar labs - much cheaper than buying locally) at bedtime. Best of luck.

All your ideas are good. However the best thing would be to find a nutritionally oriented physician (MD, ND…) in your area who can work with him personally. If you are really stuck with no access to such a person, please provide more information i.e. what wasting disease?

If I was dying, I wouldn’t care if it was legal or not, especially if money is no object. Get him some 'roids, quick. If you can find it, years ago Muscle Media had a series of articles about a doctor who had AIDS and was trying different steroid protocols to prevent (or slow) muscle wasting. He also drank around six Met-RX shakes a day (Met-RX was originally designed for wasting patients).

topkat, you might want to try e-mailing the Life Extension Foundation. They may keep a record of doctors (I know they used to about 5 yrs ago) of doctors (including aussie docs) that practice anti-aging therapies. If roids or HGH was going to help your friend’s Dad these would be the most likely doctors to help. If you could find a doctor with a clue (pretty hard, I know) that would be the go, its kind of hard to give advice for something serious like this over the net.
I agree with the info about met-rx, easily absorbed sources of protein would be beneficial. Soup broth made with bones is a terrific source of gelatin, which is really good for the stomach, if that is a concern. A good article on this:

Coral Calcium, Coral Calcium , Coral Calcium!

5ad in the range of 1g a day will likely cause gyno, but also is an extremely potent immuno booster.

I was having a tough time with colds and flu coming back time after time so my doctor told me to take: 2g of vitamin C, at least 50mg of Zinc, two “mega B” vitamins and a good multi-vitamin spread throughout the day. It’s been three years and I’ve only been “sick” twice. I recommend this to everyone I know. Hope this helps.

check out Thymic Protein A at vrp.com (Vitamin Research Products), and Reishi mushrooms; proven to be powerful immune boosters

Wobenzyme says its an immune system booster could try that.