Immune Issues While Taking Zinc?

Anyone got immune issues taking 45mg zinc a day? I usually never get sick but since i bought zinc tabs i used them and i got sick horribly for some reason. Really good sleep though !

If anything, zinc supports immune function


i know ! which is exactly why i was confused, maybe too much zinc ?

Describe your symptoms.

Possible reasons:

  1. You got sick before taking them and started to take zinc during incubation period.
  2. Your immune system is doing so bad that simple zinc supplementation can’t fully fix it without covering other areas too.
  3. You weren’t taking it long enough to make an impact and you caught something in meanwhile.
  4. You are taking too much of it for too long so it actually does some damage…

I would suggest seeing a doctor.

Edit: Zinc and Iron have an impact on eachother.
The same as reason why it’s not reccomended to drink milk 2-3 hours after taking iron supplements. High intake of zinc for extended periods of time was proven to have impact on iron levels.

I personally wouldn’t take zinc over 20mg a day.
10mg is enough, 15 would be perfect.
You need around 10mg a day but it won’t fully apsorb - but you will also get some from your food so it will be OK.

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Zinc can cause a copper imbalance also.

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