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Immortal Words


Check this out, thoughts will be appreciated. Positive or negative(expecting negative mostly from Live, but its cool bro!)

Blowing on the bud had me all buzzed
Looking in the mirror thinking about what I was
Can't believe what I became, surprised I'm still sane
I know I'm not alone, real n#ggas feel my pain
Honestly, I've thought about giving up my name
But I refused to give in to their games...I'm just sayin

I'm Rocky, yea head honcho
The dark will reign forever, get your poncho
Run and hide, this is a malicious triple X show
Ain't no compassion or no X and O'S
They had the hunger and tried to hold on to it, but they let go
Is there one sicker than I?
Maybe yes,no
I'm going to be hardcore forever
I'm Immortal, what do I need to rest fo?

I've watched them fall into Autumn
They sold their souls cheap so you're damn right I bought them

I been doing this for a long time so my respect is due
No way I'm falling off so doubter fuck you!
Many barricades up but I bust through
I show up to clubs me plus 2
Of the finest girls you've seen in your lifetime
I see you gasping for air, so I cut your lifeline
I'm getting better with time, like white wine
Still resisting the tempting of popping E and snorting white lines

The wicked, yes that is inspiration I use it as a vehicle that takes me to my destination
Never satisfied, how can I be complacent?
Malfunction usually starts over complication

And time seems to fly by when you're so high
And your fox is slowly slipping away, man that girl is sly
She plays the timid role like she's so shy
I get her wet, because your personality is so dry

Label me the future, an executive
Champion, my winds will come consecutive

Ct. Rockula


Keep up the good work. Stay strong. Keep writing. It's a good habit to have even after you get out. Your positive habits will define you, so develop as many as you can as you are restructuring things. You still have a ways to go. It is hard to keep perspective, but know that when you finish this ordeal, you'll be better than when you started.

I would change "white wine" to "fine wine", but that's just me! LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing. I particularly liked...

"I'm getting better with time, like white wine
Still resisting the tempting of popping E and snorting white lines."

...and your malicious butchery of the word "consequtive".

You rival the lonely island for comic mastery.


I've always had a way with written word. Poetry has always been my favorite thing to do. I'm into playing with the mind so I really tune into the emotional response given by words. Which is exactly wh I've chosen psychology as course of study. I truly feel most mental issues can be solved with one or two of the right words said the right way. ya kno?

Thanks for the kind words and advice. Clearly, you are a good person.

and yea, I just caught that I rhymed white with white lol, I just didnt ant to put "fine wine" because every poem says something about fine wine, right?


I really liked the white wine white line part.

Ever think of making music? Cause I'd love to be lifting to a rap like this.


Don't tell anyone! LOL

Evolutionary Psychology is a hobby of mine. Lets you play with the mind on different levels...

Words are powerful, but, as the saying goes, actions speak louder. I agree 100% that certain combinations of words can change things within yourself.

You have talent. Nurture it.


I am definitely planning to make at least one album, idk when or if it will be rap but it will happen. Really, I'm into industrial Trance and Psy Trance but I'm all about mixing culture up some blending hip hop into trance would be pretty sick.

Glad you like it, there will be more posted soon, I just have to perfect a couple of things


actions speak louder than words, but your soul speaks its words with emotion. Emotion is the root of action.<------- see mindgames lol

I'm hoping to specialize in deviant behavior at the graduate level, if i ever make it there. I'm just that guy that loves pushing limits and testing social norms, ya kno?

and I've been feeling a bit ambitious lately, probably because I'm starting to sober up lol, but I have a sick idea for a movie, my poetry, and the music I mentioned to asian doll. First, I have to complete therapy, then find a way to manage all this.