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Immortal Technique


So is he the realest mawfucka around or is he the realest mawfucka around? I have yet to find a better lyricist than him, whether mainstream or underground.

Caught in a Hustle

The song that of his that I'm hooked on right now. But seriously, almost every single song he puts out is gold. Everyone knows Dance With the Devil, Harlem Streets, Internally Bleeding, etc etc.

Speak Your Mind

This one is just ridiculous. For 2 1/2 minutes he rhymes 3+ syllable words, which isn't really too surprising from him, but it's still just ridiculous. It seems like in this song he just wanted to show off by using the most difficult words he could possibly use to rhyme.

Anybody found anyone as good as this guy? l8rz.


Dance with the Devil is a good song too.

As for anyone who is as good (or better) than him skill wise... Lots of rappers.


He's good, but he's not anywhere near the top of my list. His delivery starts to bother me if I listen to him often.


His lyrics have such a strong meaning behind them. He is one bad ass dude.


Hes alright. Pretty mediocre as far as music goes if you ask me

I don't like him as a person, he is a flaming cunt rag of a douche
he claims to speak of the "real" shit, but he talks about lizard people and how george bush did 9/11

might as well write club songs for fucking lunatics


yeah I like it but everyone knows that one by him

Really? Who?


Yeah I understand you about his delivery.


Ugh. Yes, he's good. Isn't there a thread brought up about IT every three months or so?

Good lyrics, poor beats (there are exceptions, obviously.)


when i was 13-14, i first heard technique...At that age, I pretty much hated all comerical music and listened to strictly underground artists....after a couple years, I started to realize that a lot of underground hip hop is just as nonsensical as some of the stuff on the radio...dance with the devil and caught in the hustle are still good somgs, but i'm not a fan of technique's political stuff anymore as most of it is simply not true...

Although, I haven't listened to any of IT's new stuff...I think he was in south america for awhile doing something...idk

Anyway....in terms of raw mcing skill...elzhi is arguably the best...



overrated as fuck



cool, I'll look him up


I looked, unless they title it something without IT in the title there weren't others.


He's alright, but there's tons of dude's that are better, Big L, Canibus, Journalist, Last Emperor, Eyedea... The list goes on and on.


For real?
Twista, Krayzie bone, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Danny Boone, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Stickman & m1 from Dead Prez, Andre 3000, B-Real from cypress hill, jay-z, lil white, skillz, nas, TI, Tech n9ne, The Game...

I can keep going if you want...


he's tight. best lyricist? no.

mos def
talib (and talibs flow is far more complex)
pharoahe monch

just to name a few.

but he's tight. creative. hard hitting. what-have-you.

not worth a thread. no offense.


fuckin wicked, the dude is defintely sickness

talib and def are more easy on the ears as rappers

i consider immortal technique more of a slam poet tho


Best slam poet I've ever seen.


Oh, and I can't believe nobody has mentioned Black Thought. He and Talib Kweli I think are two of the best.


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