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Immigration - Legal and Otherwise

It seems odd that a person could go through the judicial process and be turned down, yet not have to respond to ICE - short of having a warrant signed by a judge.

Wouldn’t the court have already signed such a decision?

Or feel free to post whatever about it.

House just passed okay to fast track multiple thousands (600,000?) of Indians to work in high tech jobs as 800,000/yr US students graduate yearly in STEMish fields.

Love live the UniParty and NWO, l guess.

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Did you think the tech companies gave all those sweet campaign donations and PAC money out of their enthusiasm for the congresspeople? This is precisely why you buy a congressman or two, to get what you want.

Regarding immigration in general, my two cents.

Illegal: if your first action in this country is to commit a federal crime, you won’t make a good neighbor. Deport.

I think sanctuary city mayors are dumb. If you’re a mayor and the feds want to take away someone you’ve already apprehended so you don’t have to spend cash to feed, jail, prosecute etc… them. Then by all means take them. It’s important to note that AFAIK local elected officials (mayors, sheriffs etc…) are well within their constitutional rights to NOT cooperate with federal law enforcement. I’ve read stories about sherrifs refusing to help with IRS asset forfeiture and other things. I also believe the Feds are within their rights to withhold funding to places that don’t play ball.

Legal immigration. I’m all for legal immigration of people that pull their own weight. If there were no welfare state, I’d be cool with unlimited immigration. As it is a very high percentage of even legal immigrants and up getting safety net dollars. Which is straight up insane in my opinion. We’re already in a never ending deficit spending on dumb stuff for our current population. Why would we ever want to import indigent people?

My two cents:

Illegal. It’s a simple fix. Hammer people who hire illegal immigrants. Insane fines for first offenses. Jail time for second.

But I don’t think businesses or the government actually want to do this. It is true that many of them are doing jobs no one else will do . I’ve already mentioned the farming in western Kansas a state that’s about as Republican as it comes won’t touch it. They said if you take them away we don’t have a business anymore. As long as wealthy people are profiting from poor people it won’t change. Because those wealthy people control the levers.

But hey it’s all good lip service and plays well to average Joe and janes that we have a problem that needs fixed. Except we don’t really want to fix it. So it’s not really a problem at least in the eyes of the people who can do something about it.

But hey at least we have someone who talks tough. And he should know about the game as he’s profited from it.

From what I understand, the agriculture business in CA will collapse if they don’t have illegal immigrants.

The only real question I have towards those who appear to be leaning closer and closer to open borders or otherwise allowing refugees in- when do you plan on doing the same for people overseas?

Or are you seriously suggesting that the only criteria that matters for letting refugees in is whether they can manage to get to the southern border of the U.S.?

The only real question I have towards all those who are so concerned about the southern border-

Do you care about the millions who flew to the U.S., over-stayed their visas and effectively live permanently in the U.S?

I would imagine this may be true or at least severely harmed. I know this is why western Kansas farmers strongly opposed a bill a few years back in Kansas that was going to do something that would impact the amount of these workers. Despite most of them probably being Republicans their whole life they worked to get it shot down claiming we don’t have anyone who’s going to do this work without them.

I have a problem with these illegals dragging children through horrific conditions using them as tools to get into the U.S.
I have to question a person’s rational for using kids, putting them through hell just to use them as a ticket into the US.
I think those parents that do that are selfish asshole.
The sad part is a number of those kids are given to sex traffickers to get them across the border.
The crisis at the border is not a made up problem. There isn’t just a bunch of poor people wanting a better life, though they exist. A lot of it is sexual slavery. We cannot stop sex traffickers with out tight boarder control. Coyotes should be shot on sight. And we definitely need to improve the conditions at the boarder for the poor kids stuck in the middle, but compassionate assholes like AOC killed the bill that would have improved conditions for the kids.
Putting our foot on Mexico’s neck is absolutely the right first step.
Build a huge fucking wall with constentina wire and armed guards with permission to shoot on sight known gang members is a goos second step.
I am Hispanic, I am an immigrant, we came from nothing but my father had to get a job to be allowed in and that’s just what he did. We did it right according to the law. I have little sympathy for jumpers who come in and expect rights. They can fuck themselves.

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Shoot on sight? Fuck due process. For someone who cries about the evils of socialism and fascism, you have no problem adopting their methods.


Yes without undocumented workers the farming industry along with hotels and restaurant industries would collapse. Americans are not doing those jobs for the pay they offer. We expect more but no one wants to pay what it would take to raise the wages to get some Americans to do those jobs. I doubt even with increased wages if we would do it. I wouldn’t. So what do we do?

I suppose they bring children because they already have them and can’t just rely on someone back home to look after them considering the state of affairs in some of these countries.

I am on board with this, and have stated same here in the past. Joe contractor or landscape service wants cheap labor, but can’t afford to do jail.

But there is a powerful magnet that is drawing illegals that also need to be addressed and/or enforced - overstayed visas, chain migration, and citizenship granted for being born here, irrespective of parents’ status.

I have no clue man. I mean we’re pretty dependent in certain areas on people doing really shitty jobs for low pay. I don’t think increased wages is going to bring a lot of Americans into some of these type of jobs. The type that would be necessary might make these businesses unprofitable. I have no idea.

And basically jobs are abundant right now anyways. It isn’t hard for anyone to find a job that is way easier and pays better or equal to some of this type of work. Maybe some day this won’t be the case but right now it certainly is.

I say that not knowing exactly what some of these people make but having a good idea it’s less than the vast majority of other jobs around. I’m flipping burgers before some of the shit work now even if the wage is a bit better. I worked shit jobs growing up and at some point you get older and think I don’t want to have to do that shit again. I’m not 16.

I think most politicians realize this fact which is why the “round them all up and send them back” is basically red meat lip service. Most likely thrown out by connected politicians who have profited from illegals in the past or continue to do so.

But like I’ve said it’s a good boogeyman to continue to point at. When you’re powerful and wealthy you don’t want the lower tiers thinking you’re the reason they don’t have more. So give them something else to focus on.

hopefully these guys have their “I’m a known gang member t-shirt” on in big red letters for the snipers on this giant wall.

That gives me a million dollar idea: t-shirts that read, “I’m not a known gang member.”

Should the back say, ‘I’m an unknown gang member’?

Snipers will only see it after they cross. :thinking:

Illegal immigrants are filling a vacuum. Farmers, restaurant workers, etc. want cheaper labor and illegals want a job. If we increase the risk of hiring illegal
Immigrants, fines and more fines if caught, then they’ll stop hiring them. Those business owners will be unsuccessful at hiring new employees at the wage they want to pay. They’ll then have to increase the starting pay to attract employees. It will certainly have an affect on the economy, but a correction isn’t a bad thing.

I’m having the same struggle finding employees. I’m having to bump starting pay by $10-15k/year to attract people.

Well, if they wear that then they will no longer be an unknown gang member.

Edit: I reread your post. I guess I should give you a cut of the money.

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The problem is that even with an increase in wages, would there be enough citizens to fill those jobs?

I think one problem with trade related jobs is that American schools push college for everyone.

Probably not, but that’s not a justification for a bad behavior. Instead, make ‘Legal Immigration’ an easier option.

True… but, it’s getting better. I’ve got a lot of involvement with SDs on this.

I think there needs to be a distinction made between those who want to come for work and those who want to live here permanently.

It should be easier for those who want to come here and work to enter legally if we really need the labor. The thing is, those who hire illegals probably want them because they are illegal.